Tangle Teezer: My New Must-Have

Sunday, August 24th 2014 0

The beauty product I'm sharing with my cat...

I'd seen a million times over that Tangle Teezers came hugely recommended. I always find them in magazines, in holiday guides and generally on the Instagram feeds of beauty's best sources. But I couldn't help but feel like everyone was getting all a bit too excited over a hairbrush. That was until I tried one.

I don’t know how because they’re impossibly soft, but Tangle Teezers have managed to glide through even my coarse, curly hair without a catch. I’m finding mine especially handy during blow dries (not to actually style the hair but to work through blow-dried ends) and when brushing out styled curls to create softer waves.

All of the models are super light, come in various colours and are super easy to clean. You can pull off hair in an instant and give them a rinse under the tap to keep them spotless. My hair is dry, coloured and curly (a lethal combo) and this is just the thing to save me any unnecessary hassle when styling my hair.

There are a few different styles to choose from. Here’s the low down on how I feel they work best…

The Original, £10.60
A one-for-all shape, this is the classic that I’d suggest you begin with. The shape of the handle is curved, fitting perfectly into the palm of your hand, and the size is handy enough to carry around if you need to.

The Salon Elite, £11.60
Slightly larger than the Original and with a smoother handle, this is my favourite model of the lot. This one also comes in a beautiful lilac and pink pastel combo that the others don’t offer.

The Compact Styler, £12.25
For touch-ups on the go, this is your styler. Seeing as the model is a bit smaller, this one is also lovely for styling curls and waves in small sections – think hair fresh from rollers or curling tongs. Alongside being a little smaller, they’ve given this a clip on protective shield so that you don’t end up catching your jewellery/bits of an old tissue/bus ticket in the teeth of the brush. This one comes in lots of colours and also some limited prints.

The Aqua Splash, £12.98
This one is truly brilliant for working your products in when you’re in the shower. If you’re using a product that needs to be distributed evenly (like a silver shampoo or a conditioning mask), use this just before and just after you apply it and you’ll ensure that you work it from root to tip. I’ve found a real difference in the way that my toner works since using this to distribute it, and styling post-shower isn’t half the battle that it was.

Forgive me for going off topic, but do you have a cat? I’ve even bought one for Newby, my ragdoll cat. I use it very, very gently on him and with long, fluffy hair he comes out looking like he’s ready for a pageant. To double check whether it was safe I Googled whether other people were doing the same and found a plethora of results, hilariously from other ragdoll owners in particular.

It’s a big thumbs up from me and the cat for this one.


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