Jo Malone London Christmas 2016

Sunday, July 31st 2016 2

Bitter Orange, Frosted Cherry and harlequin ribbon...

This week, I visited the Jo Malone Townhouse to enjoy what can only be described as a Christmas banquet. It was one of the most nostalgic, festive and warm experiences I have been fortunate as to have during my time in beauty.

Here’s a look at what is coming from Jo Malone London this Christmas. With a magical, majestic theme, there is lots to see…

Jo Malone Christmas 2016

Special Mentions

Orange Bitters

For the first time ever this year, JML will be releasing a new and limited scent especially for Christmas. Orange Bitters is a warm, sensual winter scent, a vibrant nod to mulled wine and festive spices. The bottle comes in a stunning checked print in keeping with the theme.

Jo Malone Christmas 2016 orange bitters

This scent will also be available in a candle, which in another Jo Malone first will be housed in a ceramic pot with ceramic lid. One of the things I love to do with my candles is to wash them out when they’re finished and keep the jars for storage. This ceramic pot is so lovely, I think it is the kind of thing you could keep as a Christmas ornament for many years to come.

Jo Malone Christmas 2016 orange bitters candle

Advent Calendar, £280

The JML advent calendar will be returning this year, and this time with extra special surprises! A miniature of the upcoming scent, Basil and Neroli, will feature in the calendar. Usually the most recent launch is never present, so this is an exciting addition.

Jo Malone Christmas 2016 Calendar

Also included are miniature candles this year, roughly half the size of the travel candles you can buy on counter. As always these sell out in a heartbeat so I would advise you to speak to your local JML team to see if they will allow you to reserve yours as soon as now if you wish to order one this Christmas.

Jo Malone Christmas 2016 advent calendar

The return of the Frosted Cherry

One of my favourite pieces from the collection is this rounded selection of five candles. Again, these are in a smaller candle size as above, and some of the additions are lovely.

Jo Malone Christmas 2016 candle set

Alongside the delicious Green Tomato Leaf (one of my ultimate favourite and a must for those with a green thumb), the much loved Frosted Cherry candle will make a return in 2016. This is a limited candle from JML Christmas past that seems to have been gone but not forgotten.

Frosted Cherry Jo Malone

Jo Malone Christmas 2016 candles

Large Christmas Cracker

The large Christmas cracker is always in the Jo Malone offering, but this time for the very first time you will be able to fully customise what it contains! An exciting twist, this way you have this elaborate, striking packaging and a fragrance combination chosen to suit your loved one.


Personalised Baubles

If you’re on the JML mailing list you’ll know that they always host the most beautiful activity in their boutiques. If you’re not, I’d suggest you sign up.

Jo Malone Christmas 2016 ceramic decoration

This year, their Christmas activity will be to personalise Christmas baubles for you. With four luxurious ceramic designs to choose from, these again will be a Christmas gift that you can treasure for years.

Jo Malone Christmas 2016 Ceramic decoration


Jo Malone Christmas 2016 Ceramic decoration

A little tip for you; JML use ceramic blotters in their boutiques. Are you wondering why? When a fragrance dries to a ceramic blotter, the scent you get is the closest scent to what the fragrance will smell like when it dries on the skin. Therefore the perfume selecting experience is far less confusing than the usual instant sprays of alcohol and fragrance, often confusing and overwhelming.


Jo Malone Christmas 2016 Ceramic Decoration

The packaging

Such a simple thing but hugely important – I think the packaging of everything this year is very special. The smallest addition of a golden, harlequin printed ribbon has transformed the classic brand that we know and love into a bundle of magic and surprise.

Jo Malone Christmas 2016 cracker

The whole line up…

Pomegranate Noir Limited Bottle

Jo Malone Christmas 2016 Pomegranate Noir

Jo Malone Christmas 2016 Pomegranate Noir

Pomegranate Noir Gift Set

Jo Malone Christmas 2016 Pomegranate Noir Set

Cologne Intense Collection

Jo Malone Christmas 2016 Intense Minis collectin

Classic Cologne Collection (note: the new autumn scent Basil and Neroli will feature as a miniature this year!)

Jo Malone Christmas 2016 Miniature set

Cracker of Miniatures

Jo Malone Christmas 2016 cracker

Personalised Boxes – available on counter

Jo Malone Christmas 2016 box designs

Collection of Soaps

Jo Malone Christmas 2016 soap set

Jo Malone Townhouse

Jo Malone Christmas 2016 house of jo malone

Jo Malone Trousseau, fully customisable and price dependent on contents

Jo Malone Christmas 2016 trousseau

Pine and Eucalyptus Scented Ornament


Jo Malone London will launch their Christmas collection later this year.

Jo Malone Christmas 2016 Fireplace

Jo Malone Christmas 2016

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