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Saturday, September 29th 2012 0

All her beauty secrets...

This morning I interviewed the gorgeous Lydia Bright from The Only Way is Essex. Lydia was hosting the Birmingham Bullring’s AW12 fashion show, Enchanted.

After taking our front row seats at the show, Lydia and I sat and chatted as she excitedly shared the details of her upcoming clothing line. She chooses all of the clothes that she stocks in her Loughton boutique, Bella Sorella, alongside her sister, but now she’s branched out on her own to create a range that’s all hers. We got off to a light start as she was amused by my thick accent, and began to talk all things fashion…

Unlike your Essex co-stars, you’re quite vintage in your style. Why do you think you break the mould?
My mom is quite eccentric and she always told us that when we grew up we should have our own style. She said that we didn’t have to follow trends. I made it a conscious decision to find a style that I liked, and when I did it was very 50s inspired.

If you were to recommend your favourite places to buy vintage, where would you tell me to go?
I buy loads in little boutiques in East London but online you’re spoilt for choice – my favourite is ASOS Boutique.

More importantly, we’re so excited for your clothing line to launch! Where will we be able to get it?
They’ll be in our boutique, Bella Sorella, online and in a few high street stores. I can’t confirm anything just yet but they’ll be in a few places that you’ll definitely have heard of.

You stock over 30 brands in Bella Sorella even before yours has launched. Do you wear a lot from your other designers?
Yes – I do all the buying so it’s all my style. Everything I’ve worn on the show has been from Bella Sorella.

You own Bella Sorella with your sister. Has she had any involvement with your clothing range?
My clothing range is very much my designs – I did all the mood boards, I did all the sketches, I picked out my fabrics. When we buy things for the shop, though, we do all of that together. It’s a collaborative process.

How you do think your styles differ?
She’s better at picking out the daytime essentials but I don’t ever wear jeans and flats so I pick out all of the evening wear.

Did go to anything at London Fashion Week for inspiration?
Yes I did, I did a lot for London Fashion Week because I was reporting for Look magazine.

What was your favourite show?
I loved Felder Felder – that was a really great show. I loved this William Tempest viewing I went to, he’s doing a range with River Island so it’s great to see a high end designer working with a high street store.

If you could pick anyone to dress in your new clothing range, who would you love to see wearing it?
It would have to be Sarah Jessica Parker, she’s my style icon so that would be my dream come true.

Definitely SJP or more Carrie?
No, more Carrie. SJP is a bit cash (casual) in the day, whereas Carrie’s never cash!

And what’s your ultimate style advice?
Always overdress – it’s better to be overdressed than underdressed.

What’s in Lydia’s beauty bag?

I was there to talk to fashion with Lydia, but she was just so pretty in the flesh! (Her make-up was flawless too; it had been done by celebrity make-up artist Michael Ashton who counts the likes of Adele as a regular client.) The cast of The Only Way is Essex are famed for their beauty habits, and I wanted to get the lowdown on Lydia’s favourite make-up products.

What are your three beauty must-haves?
I love flawless, matte skin so I always use MAC Studio Fix. It’s my favourite foundation, I swear by it! Most of my make-up bag is MAC. I love Garnier, they’ve got a great roll on eye cream with caffeine in it. I’d probably also say lip balm because I always get chapped lips. Burt’s Bees lip balms are my favourite.

What’s your beauty philosophy?
Don’t be afraid to wear long lashes.

I’m a big lash fan so I’m with you on that one! Which lashes do you like to wear?
There’s a new lash company just started called Lash Boutique. They’re only small but they’ve got a pair called ‘Lydia’ and they’re amazing. They’re my favourite at the moment, I’ve been wearing them loads. And I love Eylure.

A bubbly, confident girl, Lydia was a pleasure to meet. She was just as much fun as she seems on the show but was so intelligent when she spoke and seemed completely passionate about her brand.

Keep your eyes on the Bella Sorella website for details of her clothing launch.


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