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Tuesday, October 23rd 2012 1

Colour-specific hair care for all shades

There are three ladies in my household and we are blonde, red-haired and brunette respectively. This week, we used hair products to suit our colour to see if they made a difference.


This week my sister Maria has been trying John Frieda’s Radiant Red hair range. A natural red-head, the colour enhancing shampoo and conditioner were the first red-specific hair products she had used.

What were the shampoo and conditioner like?
The shampoo works into a nice, rich lather and the conditioner is light but creamy. They scent is fresh and not quite as fruity as other hair products I’ve used so would work well as a unisex purchase.

How did you find that your hair felt after you used it?
Mainly I noticed a difference in how soft my hair felt. 

Did you notice a difference in the redness of your hair?
I wouldn’t necessarily say that it was more red in colour (I’m naturally red) but it brought out a real shine in my hair which, in turn, enhanced the colour.

Overall she said she really liked how the condition of her hair had improved after just one use and would definitely recommend it to fellow red heads.


My mom, a brunette who colours her hair, had one of John Frieda’s Brilliant Brunette range to add to her regime. She opted for the Liquid Shine Perfecting Glosser and used it as a pre-styling product. Here’s how she found it:

How do you like to use the Glosser?
I apply it to towel dried hair before I style it with a hair dryer.

What impact has it had on your styling?
It’s helped to keep my style in place and has reduced my drying time.

Have you noticed a difference in the colour of your hair?
It has definitely helped to enhance the shine in my hair, and although I’ve not had my colour done for a few weeks it has locked in my colour. One thing I’ve noticed is that my hair looks more multi-tonal, too.

As someone that colours her hair regularly, mom loved that this helped to keep her colour fresh and said that she will be buying it again.


For me, the ultimate blonde hair care range has to be from Lee Stafford. If you’re after icy, cool blonde then look no further than his Hot Shots 4 Blondes.

Although there are lots of silver shampoos on the market (which ironically are purple in colour), these Hot Shots are like a concentrated version of them and completely remove brassiness in just one hit. I find them especially good for cooling down newly coloured hair and freshening up hair in need of a root touch-up.

Massage a Hot Shot into shampooed hair. The formula builds into a very rich, thick lather; don’t lose any of this! Really rub it into all of your hair, taking time to pay extra attention to any brassy areas, and keep lots of foam on the hair. You’re advised to leave it on for 2 minutes but I leave mine on for the duration of my shower.

Tip: don’t use these too often or your blonde may start to look grey. Speaking of grey, these are ideal for freshening up white or grey hair (think a modern variation of a purple rinse).

Although colour-specific treatments can be great for enhancing hair, there’s one thing that will really help to bring your colour out – great condition. Try pairing one of these products with a conditioner to suit your hair and let your shine do the talking!

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