Moroccanoil Moisture Travel Kit

Tuesday, October 9th 2012 1

Perfect for trying a selection of products

For the past 8 weeks I have been using Moroccanoil and can honestly say that it has transformed my hair.

My hair is naturally dry, curly and very coarse. Usually I use moisturising hair care and take time to blow dry it, but I still need to run over it with GHD’s to get that really glossy, sleek look. Since using Moroccanoil, however, I’m yet to touch my straighteners.

What I do:

  • Wash my hair using moisturising shampoo and conditioner.
  • Apply 4-5 pumps of Moroccanoil to damp hair, warming it first in my hands.
  • Blow dry my hair in sections.
  • Put rollers in it while it is still hot, allowing it to take the shape of the rollers as it cools.

In light of my new discovery, I wanted to sample more of the range and so I explored by Moroccanoil Moisture Travel Kit. The kit includes the following:

  • Moisture Repair Shampoo and Conditioner, 100ml
  • Moroccanoil Treatments 25ml (perfect for travelling) and 10ml (perfect for handbag)
  • Intense Hydrating Mask 75ml
  • Travel bag

Initially I used all of these products together (i.e. shampoo followed by either conditioner or the hydrating mask, and ┬áthen finished with Moroccanoil treatment). This was too heavy and I felt like there was a lot of product in my hair. Trying a number of combinations, I found that these were my favourites…

For a light moisturising treatment

Pair the shampoo and conditioner together. Hair will feel much easier to manage without feeling too heavy. Both smell divine, too.

For a medium treatment

Team the shampoo with the intense hydrating mask. The recommended treatment time is 5-10 minutes but I left mine on for an hour or two. Towel dry your hair, apply, and then wrap your hair in cling film for a deep moisturising treatment.

For an intense moisturising treatment

For me, the most effective Moroccanoil treatment was to team my shampoo with a lighter conditioner and then apply 4-5 pumps of Moroccanoil to my damp hair before styling. I used a conditioning treatment from the Kerastase Reflection range to protect my colour treated hair (Kerastase is another firm favourite in my hair collection). After blow drying with this combination, my hair felt utterly hydrated – not greasy – and was extra shiny. Result!

If you’re yet to try Moroccanoil, I’d thoroughly recommend this travel kit. It is a great way to see which product will suit you best, because I think everyone needs a bit of Moroccanoil in their routine.

A little note: Most of this review was based on blow drying hair into straight or wavy styles. Wondering about how it works with natural curls? I went to sleep with damp hair that had been treated with Moroccanoil and I woke in the morning to find sleek, full curls. An absolute essential for curly-haired ladies wanting to tame frizz.

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