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Thursday, October 18th 2012 2

My pick of the best oils for head-to-toe hydration


Facial oils are a great way to add an extra boost of moisture for instant relief after a day against the elements. My current favourite is Suti’s Nourish Face Oil for Night. Massage a few drops into dry skin before bed; not only will skin be hydrated, but the potent, herbal scents will aid a peaceful sleep.

Tip: apply oils to damp skin to lock in extra moisture.


For a budget-friendly treat, look to the classic Johnson’s Baby Oil. Add a few drops to your bath or apply to wet skin after showering. It smells baby fresh and provides long-lasting hydration. If you’d rather a more intense bath oil, you may like to explore Espa‘s range of oils. My most recent discovery has been the Detoxifying Oil, designed for helping to flush toxins from your body and improving the appearance of cellulite. Remember to drink plenty of water after using for a powerful body cleanse.

Tip: do you ever find that your bath oil seems to float around in clumps? Mix it in an eggcup with some milk before pouring it in – this should help to break it up and lead to a more nourishing bath-time treatment.


Hair oils have become hugely popular in the last few years, with the likes of Moroccanoil since becoming a staple to many a girl’s regime. Find your perfect blow dry oil as a starting point; see my previous reviews on Moroccanoil (a miracle worker) and Macadamia oil (still nourishing but light enough for finer hair types). Want to try something cost effective before you invest? Lee Stafford’s Arganoil is a lovely hair oil. What I like about this is that it smells really fresh, prolonging that ‘just-washed’ feeling, and it is completely clear in colour thus suitable for even the lightest of hair.

For a lighter dose of moisture, try something like Percy & Reed’s No Oil Oil for styling. It adds shine and bounce to even the dryest of hair… namely, mine. Glamour magazine featured this in their ‘essential boosting kit’ for hair this month, too.


An all-rounder oil, your ultimate investment should be Nuxe Dry Oil. Face, body, hair? Who cares – it works perfectly on all three. A smooth, rich consistency, it truly feels luxurious on the skin. Try my routine: spend some time massaging the oil onto damp skin after a shower or bath. Before bed, apply a coat of oil to the face and rub any excess through your hair. By morning your skin will be hydrated, nourished and much softer to the touch. You can now find this in the new Marks & Spencer Beauty Hall of Fame.

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