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Wednesday, October 24th 2012 0

The make-up range that leaves you glowing

One of the most notable beauty trends on the SS13 catwalks was fresh, glowing skin. A huge fan of this look, I've been to impatient to wait and decided to prepare a season early with some pieces from Paul & Joe. Here's what I've used...

Protective Foundation Primer

With an SPF 40, this primer is great for protecting the skin as well as acting as a base to your foundation. It smells really fresh (almost like talcum powder) and has a medium consistency, great for patting over pores. One thing I’d note about this primer is that it is tinted; if you’d like an especially fresh look, you could even use this on it’s own as a base.

Eye Gloss Duo

Always one for multi-use, this lovely eye gloss duo has been everywhere but my eyelids! The shade I’ve been using, 03, contains a pearly pink and pearly blue gloss. Both are quite sheer and iridescent with very fine glitter particles in them. To highlight my brow bone and cheek bone I’ve been using the pink gloss. Do note – using the gloss in this way gives more of a sparkly highlight. It would be perfect to add glam to an evening make-up look but perhaps too much for day time. Then, the blue gloss has been brilliant for picking out the inner corner of my eye to really brighten and enlarge the eyes. A creamy consistency, they’re very easy to blend and virtually fool-proof to apply.

Eyebrow liner

Not normally one for using eyebrow pencils, I’ve very impressed with this one. Paul & Joe’s eyebrow pencil is retractable, meaning that it never goes blunt and remains as a very thin tool (just 1.2mm for ultimate precision). Although the formula stays put all day, it is very easy to smudge and blend, meaning that eyebrows can look defined without being clown-like. What I do is start by creating a crisp, smooth arch underneath the brow line. Then, I fill the rest of my brows but take care to leave the upper brows and inner corners looking soft and blended by smudging them a little. This way, my eyebrows still look slick and groomed (that under-arch is everything) but they don’t look too drawn-on. Cara Delevingne eat your heart out…

Mascara Duo

A double-ended eye gadget, this mascara is great for anyone who struggles with perfecting liquid eyeliner. One end of the mascara contains a comb, really thin and great for getting right to the root of the lash. The other end of the mascara contains a brush, ideal for fluffing out the lashes once the product has been applied. What I found with this is that the comb covers every little lash and manages to get in right next to the water line. As a result, the lashes are so black that it almost looks as though you’re wearing liquid eyeliner… no steady hands necessary.

Lip Lacquer

Every make-up needs a little lip to finish off the look, and these lip lacquers are lovely. A rich, creamy gloss, Paul & Joe lacquers provide a medium sheen and have a soft, fruity scent. The texture is quite rich but isn’t too thick or sticky, meaning long lasting results and a formula that is creamy enough for winter.

With the lead up to Christmas, Paul & Joe is a great brand to consider buying pieces from. The products themselves are fantastic but I must note that their packaging is simply out of this world and everything from the collection looks like a gift. With romantic lids and trademark floral boxes, any girl would love to find some Paul & Joe pieces in her stocking. Do be sure to have a look at their 2012 Christmas collection – this year it is unicorn themed and comes complete with a gorgeous silk purse.

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