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Monday, October 8th 2012 1

Backstage beauty tricks

This weekend at Look magazine's AW12 fashion show, I bumped into Karla Powell. Karla is a beauty expert that I've followed for some time now on the likes of Twitter and Facebook, and I was delighted to finally meet her. After hearing that I was a beauty lover, she kindly took me backstage to hear all about the beauty trends for the day.

First of all, I chatted to Marlene Coleman, one of the make-up artists. Here’s what she had to say about the make-up for the show, which was created by Smashbox Cosmetics

Marlene, what was the theme when creating make-up looks today?

Well there’s 2 looks. The first was a metallic, blue smoky eye, paired with a pale lip and keeping the skin quite dewy. We kept the dewy skin for the second look, but teamed it with light eyebrows, a bit of a shimmer on the eye and a very strong lip in burgundy.

You’ve been using Smashbox today. What is your favourite tool of the day?

We’ve gone for a really fresh base so I’d probably say the highlighter pen.

It must be so chaotic back stage! As a make-up artist, regardless of what look you’re doing or who’s show it is, what would you say are your 3 key essentials that you always have with you? 

My first is a really good foundation; get the base right and the girls look fantastic, get it wrong and everything else will look rubbish. My favourite is Chanel – you can’t really go wrong with that. I’d say a great mascara. As far as mascara goes, I love Max Factor Masterpiece. And finally, eyelash curlers – Shu Uemura I would say are my favourites.

After taking the time to hear about the make-up with Marlene, Karla introduced me to her partner in crime, none other than Essex’s finest Hollie Wakeham (you may know her as the face of Sleep Rollers)! The girls had been doing nails together for the day, and were only too happy to tell me all about it…

Karla on the day’s nails:

Talk me through what you’ve been doing today.

Today we’ve been creating a really bright blue nail look to pick up on the sapphire blue in the eye make-up look. The colour we’ve been using is a Nail Pop in Island by Look Beauty.

Have you gone for a specific shape with your nails?

Not really, I’ve just been filing it to go with their natural free edge.

Hollie on her backstage nail essentials:

Girls, it looks like it’s carnage back here! If you had to pick 3 essentials for doing nails back stage, what would they be?

Number one would definitely be my Roo Pouch, it’s basically a pouch that goes around your waist and all the pockets are designed especially for a nail technician’s products. It’s great because you can move around and get in between while a model’s hair is being done or make-up is being done and you always have your kit on you. The second one would definitely be Solar Oil. Solar Oil is a major product that I use to soothe any dry skin. It also means that you can put your hands into your bag once you’ve had your nails done and you don’t get any indentation. Number three… this is a hard one!

There’s a small pause here where Hollie reassures me that she’s “thinking of something amazing”. We’re back on track after a little moment when she lights up and declares, “oh my God! I’ve thought of it”…

Toupee tape! Toupee tape is amazing for sticking nail tips on so that you don’t have to stick them on with glue. If the model has really badly bitten nails you can use that to stick them on. It won’t last you very long, probably about an hour, but it will last you for the show. And Marion Newman is the goddess of all nails and she’s taught me everything I know and I love her!

At this point we all got sidetracked and got talking about everything beauty. The girls were so bubbly and friendly, only too happy to tell me what they’d been doing and show me everything they’d been using. It was such an honour and a pleasure to meet them all and I hope that our paths may cross again soon.

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