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Thursday, November 8th 2012 1

Nail tips from Trish Lomax

5 years ago, I purchased my first pair of Tweezerman slanted tweezers and have used the same pair ever since. They are really sharp and smooth, meaning that any plucks here and there are quick and precise. As a firm believer in the brand, I was very excited to try their nail pieces.

If Trish Lomax is using a nail brand, it is usually worth investigating. The nail expert with a clientele of Cheryl Cole, Sophie Dahl and Sienna Miller to name but a few had Tweezerman on hand to create some of this season’s London Fashion Week manicures. From bare nails at Burberry to bold shades at John Rocha, here’s how she created her looks…

Perfect Power Nail Clipper

A firm, precise clipper, I found this really easy to use. Unlike lots of other clippers, the blades are straight across as opposed to curved. This meant that I could create a very crisp, blunt manicure (and straight-cut nails tend to be stronger, too). I also found that the blades were quite long; with this in mind, they were fine for use on toenails, too. Something that made this easy to use was the rubber pouch that encased the body of the clipper. Firstly it was curved, making it easy to hold as it fit the ridges of my fingers. In addition, it captured any clippings as I went along, making it a great tool to have in your purse or for on-the-go corrections. The fact that it was pink with a bright flower was a welcome bonus!

Rockhard Cuticle Nipper

This, for me, is a beauty essential. As someone that suffers from dry skin around my cuticles, it is brilliant for me to snip away any rough skin ridges and create a smooth cuticle area. Use this as and when needed to neaten your nails and get a really polished look.

Both of these are going to be useful for creating a neat nail area, but once you’ve tidied your manicure be sure to add some hydration with a great cuticle oil. My favourite is CND’s Solar Oil – this is a rich, fast absorbing oil that smells like almonds and leaves your skin feeling soft and supple. Use this to keep your nails healthy or, indeed, as a quick-dry top coat; one layer of this over a fresh manicure will leave it dry to the touch for those last-minute moments.

So now there’s no excuse for untidy nails…


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