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Thursday, November 8th 2012 0

For hair that is bigger than a blow dry

This Halloween I was in Liverpool, my home away from home. After spending my summer in London, I was reminded of the complete beauty culture shock from north to south as the girls happily strolled about in their rollers.

Nowadays, however, standard velcro rollers are no longer a hair must-have; it is all about Sleep Rollers. These are softer rollers with a sponge insert, designed to be soft enough to sleep in. A brand represented by the fabulous MUA Hollie Wakeham, I decided to try their pink glitter variety.

Keen to see whether these would actually work, I began my experiment.

First, I washed and blow-dried my hair. While it was still hot, I began to apply the rollers. I’d always recommend doing this as your hair will keep to the shape that it cools to.

The kit that I had was fantastic. It included 20 medium sized rollers which was just enough to cover all of my hair in same-sized hair sections (roll too much hair and the results will be flatter) and 20 sturdy hair grips to keep them in place. Although the rollers are velcro, I always find it best to secure them with a grip and these stronger slides were firm enough to keep everything in place without being uncomfortable. Wondering how to apply rollers for optimum results? This kit contains a DVD in which Hollie talks through the whole range with instructions.

Now for the question of sleep… I didn’t exactly have a brilliant sleep, but I must say that it was much more comfortable than  I had imagined. Maybe not practical for everyday use, but these would certainly be manageable as an alternative to a blow dry for a special occasion. For all other times, use them regardless. I’ve found them just as effective when used for a couple of hours before a night out.

The verdict? I am pleased to say that their tagline is correct – goodbye sleepless nights, hello great hair! Here they are in action on my good friend Katie Hayes, current face of Sleep Rollers.

To explore more of their products, including a shower cap big enough to cover your head in sleep rollers and extra large bun rings, take a look at the Sleep Rollers website. They always have great competitions on Twitter so it is worth following them, too.

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