Emma Hardie Professional Facial Starter Kit

Sunday, December 16th 2012 0

A skincare regime tailored to suit you

After hearing only good things from the QVC Beauty department, I was eager to try Emma Hardie's skincare range. Wanting to sample a bit of everything, I have been using her 'Natural Lift Starter Kit' with lovely results.

The starter kit in question contains the following:

The first step in this routine was my favourite; using the Moringa Cleansing Balm. This balm, almost like a waxy Vaseline, is luxurious when applied to wet skin. Scooping a little out of the pot, I warmed it between my hands until it melted into a butter-like consistency and then massaged into wet skin. Although it is scented (the Rose and Jasmin are great for calming before bed), it is gentle enough to remove all make-up, including that on the eyes.

Twice a week, I made a bespoke exfoliant by mixing some of the rosehip seeds into this balm. A tiny sprinkling of these small, fine beads created a coarse and smoothing exfoliator. Skin felt like new after I had massaged this formula in and I even added a few extra beads when tackling drier areas of my face.

Post-cleanse, the serum and moisturiser were lovely, soothing treats. The firming Eye Serum was great for me; I have sensitive eyes and have to be careful with what I use, but it didn’t irritate me. Then, the Treatment Moisturiser was very rich in consistency, meaning that I could really take the time to work it into my skin. By morning it had completely absorbed and is perhaps a touch too light for my skin; if you tend to have drier skin, like me, you may wish to use a facial serum prior to applying this.

Although all of her skincare products were simple and easy to use, I do believe that my great results are largely down to one vital tool – her Cleansing Cloth. This is the best facial cloth I have used yet. One side of the cloth is muslin, perfect for giving skin a real scrub and making sure that every inch of make-up is removed without a trace. The other side, however, is a soft and fluffy flannel. After all of that scrubbing and prodding, it is just the thing to lightly buff your skin to remove any excess product.

Whether you’re shopping for a loved one for Christmas or merely planning ahead for your January detox, this kit is a lovely way to explore a natural, highly-commended skincare range. With a name like ‘Amazing Face’, it’s certainly worth a try.


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