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Sunday, December 16th 2012 0

Beauty's latest anti-ageing gadget

For the last eight weeks, I have introduced a new step to my skincare regime. It isn't a cream, it isn't a serum and it isn't a peel... it's an Electro Muscle Stimulant.

A gadget not unlike a set of headphones, Slendertone Face is designed to sit on the face and tone the muscles using Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS). It sits on your cheeks and vibrates to gently exercise the muscles. This can be used for a number of reasons, from improving skin tone to helping to reduce the signs of ageing.

As I am aged 23, I am fortunate to not have to worry too much about wrinkles (touch wood!) and so I have been testing Slendertone’s ability to improve my complexion. This device comes with three set programmes…

  • Lift – this is more for anti-ageing so I didn’t use this too often.
  • Massage – this is merely designed for relaxation purposes so I treated myself sometimes.
  • Radiance  – this was my programme of choice. Designed to increase the circulation of the face, it claims to provide a radiant glow within 10 minutes.

Using the radiance programme 3 times a week, I worked this into my routine at a time when I was otherwise distracted. If I had sat down to watch something on the TV or taken to my laptop to work, I would clip my Slendertone on and let it work it’s magic as I went about my business.

The sensation that comes with all programmes is quite bizarre; a sharp vibration rolls in pulses and can sometimes make other muscles along the face tweak (much to my sister’s amusement). Once I was used to this, however, I came to find it quite pleasant and looked forward to my next massage.

Depending on how easily you adapt to the Slendertone, you can adapt the strength of the vibrations to suit you. On a scale from 0-99, I used to let mine pulse at around 40-50. This way I felt the impact of the programme without being too distracted by it.

After using the programme, my skin was pinker and had more of a natural glow. I loved using this before starting my make-up for a night out; it seemed to wake my skin up. Over time, the appearance of my complexion definitely improved, but I would note that I also combined my Slendertone Face usage with meticulous skincare.

The verdict? A pricey purchase, but this has definitely helped my skin and is a great way to unwind.

Slendertone Face is currently available from Boots on special offer for £199.99.

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