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Sunday, January 20th 2013 0

Skincare just got smarter...

Earlier this week I met Erica Chung, Co-Founder and Creator of skincare brand 3Lab. A clever lady with a sense of humour, impeccable style and - above all - flawless skin, she hosted an intimate evening to share her new Super Cream.

Super Cream is a new launch from 3Lab and is the first to introduce “smart” technology to skincare. The key ingredients travel directly to the route of the problem – e.g. the X-50 Anti-Aging Powder will travel directly to aged areas to ensure that no anti-aging properties are wasted on areas that don’t need them. The cost of this is extraordinary; more than one kilo of X-50 is valued at over £500,000.

Erica’s inspiration for creating this cream was that she had not yet found a perfect cream for her. Her husband owns tens of skincare brands and so she took a hands-on approach to sourcing the best ingredients to use within her own range. The result was a very expensive skincare line but one that she is a fantastic model for – a woman in her fifties, Erica’s skin is plump, radiant and very youthful. This said, she does note that this can be used for ladies of all ages. Ingredients like Alpha Melight will help to whiten and brighten the skin and aren’t age specific.

One of the things to note about Super Cream is that the results are almost instant. Studies have shown that results are visible within six days of use; targeted cells produced nine times as much elastin and twice the amount of collagen. Erica told us that we would know the product was working from something other than the mirror – from other people! Compliments from others, she told us, would be the biggest indicator that your cream was kicking in.

At £630 for 50ml, the Super Cream is an investment to say the least. I have been using mine sparingly (and savouring every drop!) and it must be said that the results are undeniable. After my first application, I woke up to skin that felt as though it had had a fresh going over with the Clarisonic.

Speaking of the Clarisonic, this would be a piece of advice I would give to anyone considering trying the Super Cream. At £630 you want to get a great result, and although this cream is proven to work so well on it’s own, I can’t help but feel as though you’d have even better results if teaming it with a Clarisonic. Prepping your skin in this way will ensure that every scrap of make-up is removed and skin is extra clean, meaning that the Super Cream can really penetrate and work it’s magic. If you’re ready and able to spend £630 on the cream, then what’s £120 more to really give it an extra boost?

Expensive? Absolutely. Fast acting? Even more so. If you’ve got a special occasion or event that you want to look really well for, it is worth looking into the 3Lab range for a skincare pick-me-up.

3Lab is available exclusively at Harvey Nichols Knightsbridge.

Intrigued? See for yourself: www.3lab.com

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