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Sunday, January 20th 2013 0

My new brow saviours

This week I've been experimenting with a few new brow pieces from Shavata to fantastic results.

Brows are a huge part of my beauty routine; I’ve spent the last few months growing them out a bit so that I can shape them and have been experimenting with new brow formulas. Recently, however, I’ve been picking up on an extra sharp brow trend on Instagram (users such as stephelf and aurevoirxo are great examples) and I wanted to try it myself. This is where Shavata came in…


Before using my Shavata pieces, I groomed my eyebrows as normal. The night before I had plucked stray hairs with my Slanted Tweezers after a warm shower; Shavata recommends this as a time to pluck as the pores are open. In the morning, I had applied a light dusting of eyebrow powder with a slanted brush to fill any gaps in the brows.

Double Ended Eyebrow Pencil

Once my eyebrows were filled, I took the darker brown end of the pencil – ‘Dusk’ – and sharply lined the bottom of my brow. The pencil is very soft and fluffy so this didn’t look too drawn on; instead, the brow looked sharp and groomed.

Then, I took the lighter end of the pencil – ‘Dawn’ – and once more went over any small parts of the brow that needed filling. The reason I used a brow powder prior to the pencils is that I find that pencils can give the inner brow a harsh look and cause them to look too drawn on. By combining pencils and powder, you get the sharpness of a pencil combined with the fluffy, natural look of a powder where needed.


Arch Enhancer Pencil

Following the lower brow line, I took this Arch Enhancer and traced another sharp line. This time, I was lining directly underneath the bottom of the brow. A slightly waxy, creamy pencil, this line was superb for highlighting the sharpness of the brow and also creating a base for my highlighter. After drawing on the sharp line, I gently blended the product down my brow bone. Then, I dusted on some MAC Vanilla Pigment (my favourite highlighter) and this acted as a solid base for the product to set with.

Another thing I would note about this pencil is that the thicker consistency makes it great for covering strays. If you’re between tidy-ups then this will glide over fly-aways very well.


The finished product? Sharp brows with a clean, glowing brow bone. Result!

If you’re looking to emulate that sharp, defined brow look I must emphasise one thing… a sharpener! Don’t let something as simple as a blunt pencil ruin your quest to the perfect brows.


To browse and shop the entire range, including an amazing Stencil Kit for those of you who struggle to create the perfect brow shape, visit the Shavata website.


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