Gatineau Renew 7 Detox Serum

Sunday, February 17th 2013 0

7 days of serum

For 7 days, I tried Gatineau's new Renew 7 Detox serum morning and evening to see how my skin would feel and look.

After cleansing and toning I applied the serum. It has a lovely, fresh scent (quite citrusy) and is light and cooling on application. I noticed that my skin tingled slightly when it started to kick in; this wasn’t uncomfortable, it was actually quite refreshing. It seemed to brighten up my skin and give me a slightly pink glow – this was cited as an effect of the serum so I knew it was nothing to worry about.

In the morning this was lovely to use because of the light reflecting particles. Any dullness was eliminated and my skin looked and felt more perky. I don’t always use after serum but as it was recommended to do so I made sure I followed the serum with a layer of the new Caudalie Premier Cru face cream I’ve been using recently. A combination of the two meant that I still kept my skin hydrated as I tend to suffer from dry skin. One thing I would note is that this is a lovely serum to use under make-up as it absorbs to quite a matt finish and therefore there’s no oily residue when applying make-up.

After 7 days, the main thing I’d say that I noticed was that lots of the ruddy patches in my skin had disappeared. The appearance of my skin was considerably fresher and brighter – my 7-day beauty bootcamp had been a success!

This purifying serum is designed as an intensive treatment for us 3-4 times a year. The idea is that the seurm will ‘wipe the slate clean’ and create a pure, clean base so that your skin is more receptive to your daily skincare products. Renew 7’s active ingredient will also boost the production of lyosomoes which are naturally found in the skin and increase the skin’s ability to detoxify itself. Just 7 days of treatment leads to months of better skin with this Gatineau innovation.

Exclusive to (which you may know is one of my all-time favourite beauty sources), this is definitely worth investing in if you need to pamper yourself in time for a special occasion or even if you just want to kick start a brighter, fresher skin regime.


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