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Sunday, March 24th 2013 0

Part of French Pharmacy Week

Last week I told you to believe the hype around Bioderma's cult Micellar Water. Now, I've worked my way through the rest of the range to tell you which product will work best for you as part of a more tailored regime.

Atoderm: Calming treatment
Ultra-nourishing emollient balm
This is ideal for repairing damaged or irritated skin. Although it is described as a balm, I find the texture to be smooth and creamy, absorbing quickly and only leaving a slight residue unlike other balms. Ideal for use twice daily, this can be used on face or body on all ages from baby to adult. A great item to have in the bathroom for the whole family.

Photoderm: Sun protection with a twist
AR Tinted Cream SPF50+ 
Want to completely relax in the sun without looking dishevelled? A tinted sun cream with an impressive SPF of 50+, this contains ingredients to help to neutralise any redness – something that comes hand in hand with the warm weather. Although this won’t be heavy enough to use as an everyday base (try a BB Cream for light, daily sun care and coverage) it would be ideal for lounging poolside on holiday and still looking photo-ready. Note: it blends perfectly onto my skin and I am very fair so I imagine this might not work as well on darker skin tones.

Hydrabio: Thirst quenching skincare
Light Cream 
Ideal for dry or combination skins in need of moisture, this Light Cream will help to lock water into the skin and also teach the skin to moisturise itself. Use this all over the face and neck to alleviate any tightness, and opt for the light version as opposed to the rich version so that you can wear it under your make-up with ease.

A brand with something for every need, I am so impressed with Bioderma’s range. My favourites are the red products for sensitive skin (they have lots of anti-redness items) and the blue range for dry skin. Which colour works best for you? Tweet me @MixedGemsUK and let me know.

New to the UK, I can’t see the Bioderma fuss dying down any time soon.

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