FFS: The Cult Brand Unveiled

Monday, April 1st 2013 0

An essential for any make-up bag

For the past couple of weeks I've been using a new product from FFS that, at first, I was dubious about but I came to love.

Joining me in the FFS trials was everyone’s go-to beauty source Jane from British Beauty Blogger. With two fantastic new product recommendations to share, we decided to pull together to break this beauty exclusive.

What Jane had to say…

FFS Concealer

You might not have heard of FFS; it’s kind of a cult secret in
make-up artist circles, but it’s the concealer that goes on blue and
stays blue so that nobody can see your dark circles. The blue totally
counteracts any darkness and it uses the principle of treating like
with like.

Hang on though, if it stays blue, then surely that’s as bad as dark
circles, if not to say downright weird? Well, yes. But, that’s where
light refraction comes in. FFS Concealer utilizes light refraction
that means while it does look blue on your skin, it’s a ‘well’ blue
and not a tired ‘blue’ giving you a look of what the French would call
‘bonne mine’.. well-looking. It’s absolutely incredible and I’m
completely addicted already. Since Rose and I
have ended up with the scoop on this, I’ll pass you over to her to
find out all about the FFS Fine Line Filler… and remind you that there
is no time like the first of the month to indulge in a new and
innovative product.

(For anyone who has been living under a beauty rock, you can find Jane at www.britishbeautyblogger.com and on Twitter @BritBeautyBlog.)


My experience with the brand…
FFS Fine Line Filler Thriller

FFS Fine Line Filler is perhaps one of the more unusual products I’ve tried. The ethic of FFS is to celebrate plump, healthy skin and so in order to do this they believe in accentuating lines to really enhance the fullness of the well skin. When I first read this, I laughed out loud. Accentuating my lines? Once I’d tried it, however, I was amazed to see that it totally worked. This double ended product contains one part kohl (enriched with nourishing minerals) and a cinnamon oil balm. Firstly, you use the kohl to run over any fine lines. This has such a velvety texture and so is gentle enough to use even around the eyes. Then, you work some of the cinnamon oil into the skin around the fine lines. Naturally this will irritate the skin and so you may experience some redness, but overall this will help to plump out the skin and leave a healthy, rosy glow. The finished result is that you get a real light and dark contrast to the skin, and my gosh your face will never have felt as soft. After just one week of use even my MD had noticed how great my skin was looking. One small hitch; it’s £122 for the tube, but the first 100 customers will receive a limited edition gold plated version when the website launches in the UK later this month.


What do you think? Will you be trying out these latest beauty innovations?

A little birdie tells me that they’ll have lots of special offers on when the website launches. I will keep you posted and come back with more info very soon!

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