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The cute new brand from Canada

When the postman came with a bundle from Canada, I didn't know where to start first. A number of face masks, each one tailored to a different beauty need, had arrived in the most beautiful packaging I have seen in a long time.

The latest in the sheet-mask trend, Maskeraide makes masks that consist of a thin fibre sheet which has been soaked in a relevant serum. Slight incisions in the mask mean that you can mould it exactly to the shape of your face, leaving small gaps for the eyes, notrils and mouth.

But why go for a sheet mask? One of the things I like the most about sheet masks is that they’re so soothing. Applied to a hot face straight after a bath or shower, they will cool the skin and get your circulation going. I even used one of the Maskeraide masks on the train the other day after a long day at work and having dashed to the station. That’s the great thing about them being in a sachet – you can take them with you for a no fuss, no mess application on the go.

A guide to the benefits of the sheet masks taken from

A guide to the benefits of the sheet masks taken from

Maskeraide’s sheet masks are saturated in product, meaning that hydration is a core result of using them. The formula is quite gel like. When using the mask it is lovely and cooling, but after removal I’d recommend removing some of the excess product for optimum results (although they recommend just rubbing it onto neck and chest so go with whichever suits you). There are six different masks to choose from and at just $4.99 each, they’re well worth trying. I must say that the beautiful packaging would also be ideal as a small treat or gift for a loved one; these will make perfect stocking fillers when the festive season is upon us!

Available from, the branding of Maskeraide has to be one of the best I’ve ever seen; a fun, but worthwhile, investment.

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[…] Maskeraide Sheet Masks An adorable new brand from Canada, the Maskeraide masks are as beautifully branded as they are effective. Slip one of these on pre-party for a cooling, soothing pick-me-up that won’t break the bank. […]