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Sunday, May 5th 2013 0

Dual Nail Varnish Wands

Ever since Emma Stone became the face of Revlon, I've found myself itching to try anything that she models. The latest items on my wish list were a number of the polishes in their new Nail Art range.

With Boots’ classic 3 for 2 offer (which always makes me feel less guilty about buying) I decided to try one from each of their new launches, Neon, Moon Candy and Expressionist. The result? One was a yes, one was a no and one was a maybe.

Moon Candy

YES! Moon Candy
This is perhaps one of the most beautiful nail art looks I’ve tried. The Moon Candy duos consist of one dark colour and one flaked, iridescent topcoat. The shade I chose was 230 Satellite which is a deep wine red teamed with golden flakes. First, I applied two coats of the red shade. It is such a beautiful, deep colour, and the formula was light and intense. Then, I added one coat of the flaked top coat. This really made the nails pop and it was fairly concentrated so one layer was more than enough. All in all? A decadent, glossy manicure for a fraction of the cost of going to the salon.

Revlon Neon

NO! Neon
Quite the contrary, I didn’t get on well with this set at all (shade 140 – Pink Glow). The idea was brilliant – to add an undercoat of white to the neon shade so that it really popped. It definitely popped, but overall it was just quite messy. The white shade is very strong, unlike some white nail laquers which take lots of building, but I couldn’t help but feel that it looked a bit like Tip-Ex. Then, adding the neon after two coats looked a bit like a highlighter. To top it all off, the finish seemed somewhat matte which is just not to my taste. Honestly? The formulas are both lovely but I won’t be wearing them together again.

Revlon 2

MAYBE! Expressionist
This was the one that felt the most Nail Art inspired. In this duo, you get a main colour and an accent colour which comes with a thinner brush. I chose the Silhouette duo, consisting of a nude base colour and a gorgeous champagne metallic accent colour. The colours and formulas were simply lovely, but I had one tiny reservation… the brush of the accent nail was a little difficult for me to use. It was quite long and thin, but I think it would have been wonderful if this was a pointed nib – maybe like a standard liquid liner applicator.

All in all? I absolutely love the range of colours and finishes in this Nail Art collection. Definitely go for the Moon Candy, avoid the Neon (treat yourself to an Illamasqua Rubber Bright¬†instead) and if you’ve got a steady hand make your way to the Expressionist range.


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