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Capsules and oil for added beauty benefits

Last week in the Miss Vogue blog, Vogue's Beauty and Health Editor Jess Hogan said the following: "Taking supplements and having a good diet is the first step to a radiant complexion." Only recently I ventured into my first foray with supplements and have to admit that I was surprised at how quickly I saw results.

My brand of choice was Viridian, an all natural brand with a focus on health and beauty. I tried two of the products in their ‘Ultimate Beauty’ range.

Ultimate Beauty Complex – 30 Vegetarian Capsules
Before I begin I must note that I always take extra care of my skin, so I cannot vouch 100% that any results were directly from the capsules. My hair and nails, however, were undeniably affected. Since taking these capsules, I’ve found that my hair and nails are growing much more quickly than normal. My nails need to be filed more often, aren’t splitting or peeling, and generally look and feel stronger. My hair is smoother than usual despite me using the same hair care products. Skin as always is fairly clear, so although I can’t vouch for a direct correlation, I can definitely say that my skin hasn’t had any adverse reactions. All in all, I’ve found these to be great for fast regeneration, helping me to chop the weaker ends of my hair and nails making room for strong new lengths. If you’re trying to grow out hair and nails I would definitely give these a try, and I can say that I will definitely be keeping these up.

Beauty OIl

Ultimate Beauty Oil
Now this one wasn’t so easy to use but it certainly paid off. The website suggests to use the beauty oil alongside the capsules, but I wanted to use both separately to see how they worked alone. This oil worked in the same way as the capsules and maintained my streak of growth, however it is slightly more inconvenient to use. You can gulp it from the spoon (not the most pleasant but doable) or drizzle into a salad dressing (this was how I liked it best!), but  hot cooking with it destroys the benefits of the oil. For me, the oil has the same benefits but was a bit lost on me as I don’t eat salad every day therefore I was gulping from the spoon quite a lot. With this in mind, I got on better with the capsules. If – however, you like to dress your food quite often then the oil will work just as well for you.

Overall? I really, really enjoyed using these and have decided to stick to the capsules. What’s more is that the brand itself seems really great. A charity donation is given with certain purchases and recycling is very important to them; you’ll even be refunded a small amount of your money for bringing your jars back to the store you purchased from. Considering that a month’s worth is just £9.50, I’d really recommend you trying these for yourself.

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For more information about Viridian Nutrition, be sure to visit their website.

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