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Saturday, July 27th 2013 0

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Last week, I began delving into a bundle of new make-up removal products from The Body Shop. You can always rely on them to provide simple, easy-to-use items, but the upcoming camomile collection really goes the extra mile in ensuring gentle, fuss free removal.

With 4 formulas to choose from, the only question is which texture you prefer. I must emphasise that I’ve used all of these formulas to remove eye make-up and that they’re all as gentle as one another, leaving no irritation or stinging. So now all you have to do is take your pick of butter, oil or lotion…

Muslin Cloth, £2.50
A staple for anyone’s bathroom, it is always handy to have a couple of these and at this price it’s worth stocking up.

Waterproof Eye Make-Up Remover, £8.00
The quickest option
This dual phase formula is one of the quickest make-up removers I’ve used. Used with a cushioned cotton pad, I found that a few gentle swipes was enough to remove every scrap of make-up in an instant. Whether it’s lipstick, eyelash glue or waterproof mascara, this will deliver in a matter of seconds. You might find this useful for your make-up artist kit or a super quick clean after a big night (because I know you would never dare to sleep in your make-up).

Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover, from £3.00
The gentlest option
Marginally gentler than the other formulas, I imagine that this would work well for anyone who has slightly more sensitive eyes. Although it does get the job done, I would note that it took slightly longer than the dual phase formula above.

Gentle Eye Makeup Remover

Sumptuous Cleansing Butter£12.00 
The most luxurious option
What I liked about this butter is that it provides that instant comfort factor with make-up removal. A very rich, balmy texture, this butter is just the thing to combine make-up removal with a soft facial massage. Take the time to really work this into skin and you will find that any tightness is alleviated as well as even waterproof make-up removed. Upon mixing with water, this will take the form of a warm oil, melting away easily.


Silky Cleansing Oil, £10.00
The all-round winner
For me, there was one clear winner from the collection – this Cleansing Oil. Just as good as the Shu Uemura counterpart but at a fraction of the price, this is ideal for a quick and easy shower removal. Massage onto damp skin in circular motions, then rinse with water to form a milky, runny consistency. One thing I would note about this is that you will be left with a slight balmy residue after use, so you may wish to go over the skin with a toner or micellar water to remove any excess oil.

Cleansing Oil

The Camomile Make-up Removal Collection will be available in store from Tuesday 20th August. Worried you’ll forget? Be sure to like my Facebook page and I’ll remind you.



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