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Sunday, July 14th 2013 1

Straight from France to the M&S Beauty Hall

For around 8 weeks, there's been an addition to my skincare regime which has softened my skin remarkably; the serum from France's NeoSTEM range.

The premise of the serum is to delay the aging process, however due to my humble 23 years there hasn’t been too much anti-aging to tackle. Nonetheless, I’ve been using the serum to see what else this clever technology could do for my skin and I’ve noticed that the softness that it brings is almost unparalleled.

The facts:

  • NeoSTEM is a bi-product of findings during research into Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria, a syndrome that causes children to prematurely age at a rapid pace
  • It works to pause the production of of Progerin, a toxic protein and one that contributes to cellular aging
  • It stimulates the production of proteins such as collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin, great news for your skin at any age

Used every few nights before cream, I’ve found that I wake up to much softer, plumper skin. What I’ve noticed is that I don’t need to use this on consecutive evenings because the softness lasts for a few days. In terms of plumpness, the skin on my forehead in particular (which is normally quite porous on me) is very fresh and bright.

So who is this serum for? When tested it was used on a group of 51-71 year olds, who noted things like 72% in reduction in depth of wrinkle and 86% improved suppleness of skin. If you have younger skin like ┬áme, however, I wouldn’t rule this out if you’re slightly dehydrated. Sometimes with naturally dry skin, I have to work a bit harder to hydrate, plump and get that natural ‘glow’. Using the NeoSTEM has helped me to maintain a healthy looking skin with minimal effort.

NeoSTEM has not long come to the UK and is currently exclusive to the M&S Beauty Hall. Alongside brands like Nuxe, Ren and Sampar, I think it’s safe to say that M&S have chosen yet another beauty gem to boot.


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