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Sunday, July 7th 2013 0

Awaken your senses with positive energy

Last week I visited a secret garden in Soho to celebrate the launch of Rituals' new collection, Laughing Buddha.

The idea behind the collection was what first drew me in. Every piece from the collection is based upon the ideas of the Laughing Buddha, a famous Chinese monk. The ingredients in this 8-strong collection include the likes of sweet orange and organic mandarin, traditional symbols of happiness, and everything is named with a positive and uplifting spin.

Full Line Up

Marketing aside, what’s more is that the products really do deliver. Everything is so fresh and zesty, perfect for this time of year when we find ourselves hot and bothered so often, and with a range of reasonable price points there is something for everyone. The premise is that the collection will uplift the mind, body and soul; I think it’s about right!

Top pick: Happy Mist
A long tall bottle designed for body and bed, this is such a lovely scent to fall asleep to. At first I was concerned that the mixture of notes like organic mandarin and yuzu would be too energising for bed time, but alas the citrusy scent leaves you feeling clean and fresh as you drift off after a long day.
Top tip: Leave this in the fridge for a freshening boost when you spritz over body and pillows after a hot shower.

Happy Mist

Fortune Oil
Now this is just divine! One of my all time favourite products is L’Occitane’s Almond Shower Oil, an oil that lathers, and the scent is very sweet and nutty. It’s a texture that I’ve not come across anywhere else until now. Rituals have captured the foaming oil qualities, meaning that skin feels moisturised, soft and cleansed at the same time, but this invigorating citrus scent is perfect for a wake-up call. At just £8.00 for 200ml, it’s far more cost effective than L’Occitane’s £17.50 for 250 ml, too.

Fortune Oil

Touch of Happiness
A rich, creamy addition to the range, this body cream is ideal for areas like elbows, knees and ankles just before tanning. It’s quite heavy so I wouldn’t recommend using it in the morning; use before bed to really allow it to penetrate. A lovely finishing touch to this is the rose gold lid – it adds an extra air of luxury to your bathroom shelf.


For the likes of me, a positive thinker who loves anything spiritual, this is a lovely range. Every morning using your Fortune Oil or spritzing the Happy Mist before bed, there is that constant reinforcer of positive vibes… it can only be a good thing. Ranging from £7.00 to £15.00, there’s no harm in giving the odd piece a try. What’s more is that everything from Rituals is quite universal, meaning in my house everyone from dad to nephew can enjoy them.

The Laughing Buddha collection is available now at www.rituals.com or you can try before you buy at their stores, House of Fraser or John Lewis.

P.S During the event, I was fortunate enough to have a reading with one of Selfridges’ famous Psychic Sisters. It was a really special experience and if you’re ever in need of some guidance I can say that I enjoyed the reading and would really recommend paying them a visit.

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