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Sunday, August 18th 2013 0

Yoga for your Skin

3 months ago, I began exploring the benefits of this serum from one of my now go-to skincare brands, La Prairie. The Cellular Power Serum is designed to counteract the negative effects of stress on skin, encouraging cells to renew themselves.

My sister and I tested this for 6 weeks respectively. Here’s what we had to say…

Me: At 23, I have no wrinkles as yet. Therefore, my main skincare concern is prevention. What I found when using my serum is that the tone of my skin seemed to improve. With a very fair complexion, I’m prone to redness and blotchiness on the skin. After daily use, I found that my skin tone was much more even and I could use make-up of a lighter consistency without having to conceal so much; even a tinted moisturiser would suffice. I like that there wasn’t a scent to this and that the consistency was light, meaning that it absorbed easily and left no residue.

Maria: Maria used the serum in the build up to the most important day of her life… her wedding! A family of skincare fanatics, she too is not yet concerned with wrinkles. At the age of 32, her skin can get very dry. Her main concern is ensuring that her skin is always hydrated to prevent the onset of wrinkles. Maria found the smoothing properties of the serum the most noticeable. Used twice daily, she found pores minimised and the surface of the skin to be plumper and generally more hydrated. As a side effect, her make-up sat on the skin much more easily and she no longer found a use for primer.

Something that both of us have been impressed with is the richness of the formula. At £152 for 50ml this doesn’t come cheap – hence why I waited 3 months to feature it and also had both of us to do the road testing. However, in 3 months of twice daily use, we’re only just hitting the bottom of the bottle because 1-2 pumps is an adequate amount to cover the entire face.

What La Prairie had to say:  “Anti-Aging Longevity Serum works within the skin’s DNA protective mechanism to help suppress premature cell death and assure that it takes place at the optimal moment in the cell’s life cycle. When this natural process is accelerated – by internal stress or external environmental factors – the result is premature aging. Anti-Aging Longevity Serum helps prevent this from happening.”

We’ve both found a benefit from this without a priority of anti-ageing. If you’re a La Prairie user already, this will work really well with your existing regime. The likes of the Larch Extract ingredient is exclusive to La Prairie, meaning you won’t a similar formula anywhere else. For me, teamed with the Anti-Ageing Stress Cream, the Cellular Power Serum is part of a duo that illuminates, hydrates and evens out my skin. I’m still using the Advanced Marine Biology Tonic, too – great for a really thorough post-cleanse skin prep so that your skin is ready to absorb your serum and moisturiser.

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