Balm VS Concentrate: A Creme de la Mer Comparison

Saturday, October 26th 2013 1

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For the past few months I've been taking my Creme de la Mer penchant to a whole new level, and it has to be said that my skin has never looked better.

But the great thing about Creme de la Mer is that you get two generously sized samples with each purchase, so even though I’ve only brought a few items I’ve been able to try lots from the range. 

One of the samples I selected with my last purchase was The Eye Balm Intense. Their Eye Concentrate is my usual eye cream, so I wanted to see how the two compared. Here’s why my mother and I had different views on each…

The Eye Concentrate
Now, when I started using The Eye Concentrate I thought that it was the richest eye cream I had ever used. It’s a strange hybrid of light (feels soft as a feather) but thick and oily (packs a punch) and all at the same time. Hydration was a brilliant factor, but for me, my main concern around the eyes is dark circles. At 23 I’m lucky not to have any lines or wrinkles just yet, but puffiness and bags need to be kept at bay given my long working day. The Eye Concentrate manages to work to two advantages; at night, my eyes feel soothed and hydrated after application, and by morning my eyes are normally fresh and bright. But if there are still some tell tale signs of my late night, a further application first thing can instantly brighten and perk up tired eyes. Truthfully I couldn’t live without this now and what’s more telling is that I notice the difference straight away if I ever forget to use it.

The Eye Concentrate

The Eye Balm Intense
Wow – they call it ‘intense’ for a reason! Forget the creamy white colour and gel-like texture of the Concentrate, the Balm is a mint-green thick cream with a rich, balmy texture. For me, The Eye Balm Intense is so rich that I wouldn’t need to use it every day. Instead, it’s a great TLC treatment if my eyes are dry or I’ve had too many late nights in one run. Infused with Creme de la Mer’s fundamental Miracle Broth and an exclusive Marine De-Puff Ferment, this balm is designed to really improve the appearance of wrinkles, puffiness and anything ageing. If you’re working with more of a mature skin, this will be just the thing to smooth and plump. Of the two, this one was my mother’s favourite.

The Eye Balm Intense

Both are universal, multi-beneficial creams, but I think that choosing between the two really depends on what you’re hoping to gain. For me, the lightness and brightening qualities of The Eye Concentrate are ideal. Even something as simple as the lighter texture works well for me given that I wear a lot of eye make-up and need it all to pull together quickly in the mornings. But for my mother, the plumping and moisture retaining qualities of The Eye Balm Intense made it her choice of the two.

Wondering which one will work for you? I have the perfect idea. Indulge in one of Creme de la Mer’s new facials. At £50 and fully redeemable, you can explore the entire range (including both creams – perhaps one on each eye) and see which works for you.

They’re both priced at £130.00 and, yes, I appreciate that the price is steep. But I cannot tell you how rich these creams are and a little goes such a long way, which means your investment does also. Just to reiterate… are they worth it? With Creme de la Mer, the answer is a big YES every time.

Enjoy your two free samples in-store or online with whichever one you decide to go for. You can thank me later.

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