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Sunday, November 17th 2013 1

A sweet new collection

When it comes to The Body Shop, I'm always willing to try new things because they never seem to get it wrong.

Their latest offerings are infused with a super-sweet scent, a rich floral concoction with hints of potent honey. From shower to body, there’s something in the collection for everyone. Here’s my run through of the pieces…

Bubble Bath MeltBubble Bath Melt

This is one of the most luxurious bath products you could possibly wish to use. A thick, sticky solution, a topple of this into your bath will make the water silky smooth and generate a mountain of bubbles. The main thing to melt away will be your worries…

Shower GelShower Gel
I’ve already had to restock on this one! This has the same sweet scent as the rest of the collection but the texture is lighter and fresher than the Bubble Bath Melt. Use morning or night to refresh and revitalise.

Honeymania SoapSoap
A small and sweet addition, at just £2.00 this is the perfect stocking filler. Shaped hexagonally and with a bee imprint, it will last the long haul as it’s thicker than the average soap.

Lip BalmBody Butter
Just as rich and effective as The Body Shop’s famous Body Butters but sweeter in scent. Use all over for everyday use and smooth onto knees, elbows and ankles prior to tanning to avoid patches in those dry areas. (Did you know? It takes the nectar from thousands of wildflowers to make the honey for just one Body Butter.)

Lip BalmLip Balm
Handbag sized and a necessity during the colder months, this is good enough to eat… unfortunately, you’re not allowed to!

EDTEau de Toilette
A light, floral spray, this is lovely for a refreshing boost straight from the shower. It is slightly different to the rest of the range in that this isn’t scented to be quite like honey itself. Instead, a sweet floral scent comes from wildflowers. Mild in scent, wear this as a body spray and feel free to team with your favourite perfume.

If gourmand fragrance is your thing, you’ll love any of these pieces. My tip? The standout piece has to be the Bubble Bath Melt. There’s nothing else like it from The Body Shop.

The Honeymania Set

Find the Honeymania collection from The Body Shop in store and at www.thebodyshop.co.uk.

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    I’m quite surprised at this range and how little it actually smells of honey and that it’s more of a lighter floral scent. The body butter is lovely and rich as usual and feels very luxurious to use :o). Xx