Unite U Luxury Intense Mask

Sunday, November 17th 2013 0

For a deep, nourishing treatment

With naturally dry hair, I rarely use traditional conditioners; masks are a staple in my regime.

With this in mind, it does annoy me when I try something that claims to work wonders on dry hair and, in fact, packs less of a punch than my mom’s simplest conditioner. Luckily for me, this Unite U Luxury Intense Mask is one of the richest I’ve tried, and gave instant results.

First of all, let’s get one thing straight. This truly is intense and is a mask, meaning that is is too rich even for me to use more than once a week. A thick, firm formula, a small amount of this is enough to give dry hair a fast moisture boost. Use in the shower and leave to sink in while you shave your legs, or layer onto dry hair and wrap in cling film for an hour if you’ve got time to spare on a Sunday afternoon.

Unusually this mask is infused with fine beads, not unlike your normal exfoliator. I imagine that this is to ensure that the residue of this heavy, creamy mask is easily removed when rinsing.

Start on the ends and make sure you rinse this thoroughly because it can easily weigh hair down if you haven’t given it a very firm blast when you’re done. Avoid the roots at all costs – it will not budge, I learned the hard way. But most of all be sure to blow dry your hair after you’ve used it, because that’s when you’ll notice the impact. My frizzy, curly hair was dry in record time and fell into smooth, tame waves after I’d used this.

At £45.00 this isn’t the cheapest item I’ve used, but frankly it makes enough of an impact to be worth it. If your hair is fine or normal, I doubt there will be much need for you to use this. But if your hair is dry, thick or unmanageable, this will be worth every penny and give you results from the first use. It’s the best mask I’ve tried since my firm favourite Kerastase Masquintense.

Unite U Luxury Intense Mask is available from selected salons or online at The Urban Retreat: www.urbanretreat.co.uk.

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