Urban Decay: The Brand of 2013

Sunday, November 24th 2013 0

A Colour Revolution

When Christmas gifts are on the agenda, it's easy to fall for the allure of a well wrapped gift set. But this year, if you want to buy something new, fresh and wearable for your loved one, there's one brand who has plenty to offer - Urban Decay.

After a wealth of versatile and user friendly releases this year, they’re my brand of the year for delivering consistent results. Here’s my rundown of their best new products of 2013…

Revolution Lipstick, £15.00
I really feel as though Urban Decay have brought something entirely new to the market with these lipsticks. They’re packing all of the pigment of a colour brand (with an equally diverse range of 22 shades), but somehow have the creamy formula of the lipsticks that you’d find at a skincare brand. With a plush, glossy finish that lasts, I’ve picked up a number of these over the past few months and always have people asking me what I’m wearing when they’re on. Make your first purchase Streak, Bang, Catfight or Shame.

Revolution Lipstick

Naked Basics Palette, £20.00
Dare I say something very controversial… this might be my favourite Naked palette of the bunch. I’ve got Naked 2 and I absolutely love it, but now that I’ve had it for a long time I find that I don’t actually use all of the shades. This one, however, is one that I can genuinely say I use each and every shade with. Consisting of Naked 2, a mushroom taupe shade, and Crave, a jet black, this is a one-stop shop to all number of smoky eye concoctions because those are the two colour types I use in every single make-up look. The palette is shorter, too, making it more handbag friendly.

Naked Basics

Naked Skin Pressed Finishing Powder, £21.00
I’m incredibly fickle and mix and match my make-up all the time. Since getting the Naked Skin Powder in August 2013, however, I have used it every single day. The plain and simple is that it sets make-up really well but almost has a silky finish, meaning that there’s no chalky residue and you can still use it if you want a dewy finish. What sets it apart from other powders is that it has a tiny hint of colour, too, meaning a tiny hint of coverage with your finishing touch. Gives me a fresh, finished base and a photo finish, and maybe my favourite ever setting powder. There are currently 5 shades but given the sheer colour wash this will be more than enough for you to find a suitable match.

Naked Skin Pressed Powder

Primer Potion Anti-Ageing, £17.00
If you haven’t used the Urban Decay Primer Potion yet then I am relieved for you that you’re reading this. You will find new love for all of your eye make-up products if you use this because it holds everything in place like nothing else. Now with added anti-ageing ingredients such as Dermaxyl and Kalpariane, this is a product that preserves as well as delivers.

Primer Potion

What has amazed me about Urban Decay this year is that they seem to have spent lots of time adding to their core range. No gimmicks, no one-hit-wonders, these pieces are here to stay, and they’re things that we can use every day. Frankly I used to quite like Urban Decay products but I didn’t buy them terribly often, but after this year’s consistent winners I am a converted devotee.

Urban Decay is available at Debenhams if you want to browse in store or with free delivery at beautybay.com.

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