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Monday, February 3rd 2014 1

An edit that never fails to wow

It's a cliche but it's true; a lot of my make-up staples are from MAC. For me they're reliable, long lasting and - above all - really versatile.

Here are five of the things that I’d recommend for a first time buyer or, indeed, any make-up enthusiast to stock up on…

Pigment in Vanilla, £17.00
A little pot of magic that I discovered from the girls at Peaches and Cream, this is without a doubt the best skin highlighter. Period. Dust along cheekbones for an inimitable dewy glow. I’m highlighter crazy and use them all the time, but this is the one that I simply can’t top. You can also mix this with a matte lipgloss or lipstick to give it a pearly finish. Note: don’t be put off by the very white appearance of the pigment. When blended it softens into a creamy, golden shimmer.

Pigment in Vanilla

Eye Shadow in Mulch, £12.50
Often, you hear women describing the lovely ‘smoky eye’ that they want. In my experience, every single woman is thinking of something different when she says this. But Mulch, a chocolatey, shimmering brown, is one of those ‘smoky eye’ shades that we’re all kind of referencing when we say we want this. Blend softly in the socket and pack heavily onto the lid for a warm, flattering smoky look.

MAC Eye Shadow in Mulch

217 Blending Brush, £18.00
Speaking of smoky eyes, the key to mastering them is all in the brushes. Take a neutral, flesh-coloured matte eyeshadow (try Kid) on your 217 and blend fluffily into the contour of your eye. The wide, fluffy bristles will create a soft, graduated contour to soften the edges of your chosen lid shade.

Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 16.24.51

Brush Cleanser, £10.00
For most of my brushes, a simple warm wash with a nice shampoo is my chosen cleansing method. But when it comes to foundation brushes, soapy water just won’t cut it. A dose of this Brush Cleanser alongside your usual warm formula will help to melt away every last trace of foundation from a base brush, leaving brushes completely clean.

Brush Cleanser

Pigment in Melon, £17.00
In the summer, nothing says golden goddess like this peachy gold pigment. The slightly orange undertone makes blue eyes pop like no other, and darker skin tones may favour this as a golden highlighter more so than the Vanilla. Either way – a multi-use dream.

Melon Pigment MAC

What are your favourite products from MAC? Find me at my new Twitter handle – @MixedGemsBeauty – and let me know.


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