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Wednesday, February 26th 2014 0

A serum and foundation hybrid

For the past few months, I’ve noticed that there seems to be a particular fascination with the price of By Terry’s latest foundation, Terrbyly Densiliss, which costs £75.00 per 30ml bottle. I’ve seen so many tweets from people wondering how you could justify the price tag, and indeed if it is worth the money. In the name of investigating, I had my mom join in the testing process…

The overview
Terrybly Densiliss is a foundation/serum hybrid. The intention is to provide “long-term anti-ageing benefits along with immediate correcting effects for a flawless complexion”. Quite specifically, the serum is of the ‘wrinkle control’ variety and the foundation is of a matte finish.

My experiences, aged 24
Skin concerns: sometimes dry, very prone to redness
From a make-up perspective, this is really a lovely foundation. The formula is very dense, meaning that I get great coverage over my redness without having to apply an inch of product. Normally I can’t bear matte finish foundations but there’s something very soft about this finish; it’s more velvet than matte, meaning that it feels really soft to the touch and doesn’t look dry. It’s really easy to blend other powders over this which means that it works well for contouring, and the light floral scent makes it feel like a real treat. Anti-wrinkle control? I’ve no way of telling as I don’t have any. But I do find that my skin doesn’t feel as dry at the end of the day as it might do with a normal foundation – I can definitely tell that there’s some skincare in there. I’ve been using it for months and I’m still no where near having to think about a new bottle.

By Terry Terrybly Densiliss

Mom’s experiences, aged 63
Skin concerns: sometimes oily, minimal wrinkles, and always very concerned about using anything other than Elizabeth Arden!
Mom has always looked after her skin so even at 63 she has minimal wrinkles, but recently she’s making much more of an effort to use wrinkle targeted treatments. From a make-up perspective, she’s found this to be a lovely, light foundation for everyday which lasts the day with no touch-ups necessary. The matte finish works well with her combination skin, and overall any wrinkles appear to be softened. Wrinkle-control in mind, she feels that she hasn’t necessarily seen an improvement in her skin since using this, but hasn’t had any problems or noticed any dramatic new lines either. A tiny bit goes a long way with her and she says the scent is beautiful.

Terrybly Densiliss

Is it worth £75.00? That’s your call. But is it a stand-out, well performing foundation? Absolutely.

By Terry Terrybly Densiliss is available for £75.00 *cue Twitter outcry* from Space NK:

P.S We’re both very impressed with the shade range. Our fairer than fair Irish skin is matched perfectly to shade 3, Vanilla Beige.

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