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Skincare for the Face

When it comes to beauty, certain brands do what they're supposed to do and at the same time feel like the most luxurious of treats. For me, one of those brands is Diptyque. Their candles couldn't possibly make your home feel cosier, and never fail to pull me in for a deep inhale when I take a trip to Liberty. So when I heard that they were venturing into skincare, I knew it was going to be love.

Inspired by skincare rituals from around the world, Diptyque have created a new range of skincare pieces focused around “elegance, simplicity and softness”. A rich blend of ingredients contributes to the floral scent of each product, with Damask Rose as a primary ingredient within the range.

TOP PICK: Nourishing Cleansing Balm, £44
Without a doubt, this is my star piece from the collection. I love cleansing balms and lots of my favourites are quite strongly scented, but this one comes with a gentle rose scent which is unlike anything else I’ve tried. Applied to dry skin, it removes every inch of make-up and is even gentle enough to work into the eyes. If you like to remove with water, this will turn into a milky emulsion and melt away, but I’ve been using a hot flannel to really buff the skin clean. The formula consists of almond oil and three waxes: ylang-ylang, mimosa and geranium. Keep this in mind for Mother’s Day.


Infused Facial Water, £35
An indulgent treat from the collection, the Infused Facial Water is recommended to use alongside all of these products. You can use this for all sorts of purposes such as to gently cleanse, to mix with the Radiance Boosting Powder (see below) or – as I like to use mine – alone as a toner. This rose scented water is derived from a blend of nine plants and flowers, and feels slightly richer than the average water or toner. The calming scent makes it versatile enough for morning or evening, and I’ve transferred some of mine into a spray pump to use mid-day to refresh tired skin.


Radiance Boosting Powder, £38
Diptyque have created this fine powder for us to custom blend our own cleanser. Ingredients such as verbena, neroli and sweet orange blossom make this much more invigorating than the rose scented cleansing balm. To activate, you simply pour some of the white particles into your hand, and mix with either water or the Infused Facial Water to make a cleansing paste. This comes complete with a small foam ball which you can gently squeeze within the palm to help to mix your cleanser, but I’ve found an alternative method. For me, mixing this was a little bit like whipping Double Cream. At first, the formula felt like a light foam much like the soft bubbles that emerge at the beginning of your cream whip. But when I rubbed the formula quickly between the palms of my two hands, it thickened into a rich, smooth cream, much like Double Cream does after a quick whip. For me, the creamy cleanser is easier to really massage into the face, in turn boosting radiance and circulation. It certainly took a little getting used to but now I really enjoy using this.


Multi-use Exfoliating Clay, £44
This clay makes a divine mask for a cosy evening in or pre-party. Applied with finger tips or as recommended with a foundation brush, it dries quite slowly and in turn does its job without drying out your skin along the way.  You can also use this as an exfoliator but the formula contains a smooth blend of marble powder with rice and oat powders, so it does the job gently with no harsh beads. The scent is beautiful – violet and Mate accord – and is as pleasant as your favourite Diptyque candle.


Protective Moisturising Lotion, £44
A rich day cream, this is lovely to start the day with given the zesty scent of orange blossom and Petigrain Paraguay. For dry skin like mine, this is great because it is really hydrating, plus there’s an SPF15. What I will say, though, is that seeing as it’s so rich, I’d recommend using this on days when you’re going to have a bit of make-up on.


Considering the prestige of Diptyque, it’s refreshing to see how affordable the price points are. Given the product sizes (my beloved Cleansing Balm, for example, is a large 100g) I think that it’s all great value for money. A huge Diptyque fan, I knew that I would love the range and it certainly hasn’t disappointed. I feel as though I’m at the very beginning of a long-standing affair with my new balm…

Diptyque L’Art Du Soin collection will launch in March and be available from www.diptyqueparis.co.uk.

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