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Cosmetics from Canada

If you're familiar with Peaches and Cream salon, you'll know that one of their signature looks is a Glitter Smoke. Glitter and shimmer finish shadows just weren't enough for the experimental ladies of Liverpool, and so Peaches sourced the best glitters that they could find to create stunning party make-up looks.

Little Bec Peaches and Cream

After a quick scroll through the Instagram feeds of some of the best online make-up artists, one name kept coming up… Alas, they took the decision to stock the amazing LIT Cosmetics from Canada.

I know what you’re thinking – it’s just glitter, what is so special about LIT? But at LIT, glitter is an art. Offering every possible shade in up to 4 textures and 4 different glitter sizes, there is something for everyone. Novices will favour the size #1 glitters, finely milled and more like a sparkling top coat for eyeshadow. Go hard or go home glitter girls will love size #4 glitters for a full-coverage, theatrical glitter finish *waves enthusiastically*.

Here’s the lowdown on the 5 shades I can’t get enough of, all priced at £8.50.

1. Oprah A bronze gold glitter, this will suit every eye colour and add a lovely warmth to any smoky eye look. This is subtle enough to work into your usual eye make-up looks and will pop against a jet black liner and false lashes.

Lit Glitter Oprah

2. Dreamsicle This rosy, iridescent glitter blends like a dream with champagne toned golds. If Disney princesses were forever immortalised in glitter, this is what they would look like.

Lit Glitter Dreamsicle

3. I Feel Love One of my favourites, this works beautifully for a sultry plum smoky eye. Team with your berry toned favourites like Cranberry Eye Shadow and Grape Pigment from MAC Cosmetics for a dark, smoky eye that isn’t too gothic.

I Feel Love

4. Magic Dragon Another iridescent gem, this striking blue green captures lime and golden accents when it catches the light. I teamed mine with ‘The Rebel’ palette from Charlotte Tilbury for an extravagent take on emerald.

Lit Glitter Dragon Scales

5. Vixen A wild card, but I can’t get enough of Vixen. This bright red could work well on eyes or lips, and blends effortlessly with Pure Pigment in Berber from Illamasqua. Dust a little on top of your gloss or lipstick to give a theatrical finish to your lips.


And now for the best part. How do all of these loose glitters stay put? LIT have created their own Liquid Glitter Base which is one of the most bizarre but brilliant products I’ve ever come across. A thin, oily liquid, you apply this using a brush in the exact areas that you’d like your glitter to sit. Simply press your glitter on top and it dries instantly into place, keeping your glitter in tact until you choose to take it off. My working day can be up to 16 hours and I can vouch that this truly works wonders for keeping make-up in place. (Taking it off will require an oil based remover – I love the Body Shop’s Camomile Eye and Lip remover.)

TOP TIP! Mix your Liquid Glitter Base with your favourite pigments from other brands to create a creamy, waterproof formula. And go for the large bottle – for some reason 4ml is £8.00, but you get over 7 x as much with a 30ml bottle at just £16.50!

So which LIT Cosmetics glitters are your favourites? Tweet me @MixedGemsBeauty or leave me a comment below!

Check out the Peaches and Cream website here:

P.S Glitter smokes at their most glamorous… me and Katie Hayes working the Bombay Dreams look!

Katie Hayes

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