Real Techniques Retractable Brushes

Wednesday, February 5th 2014 0

New Duo Fibre Additions

Pixiwoo fans all over will be familiar with Real Techniques. They're the brand of make-up brushes that have taken the guess work out of our make-up and they're made by the brains behind YouTube's most loved make-up channel.

Fans like me are delighted to hear that although Sam was originally working on the brand herself, her sister Nicola has now joined the team and this January they’ve launched their first range of brushes as a duo. As always with Real Techniques, they haven’t disappointed and you will be needing them…

Real Techniques Retractable Brushes

Retractable Bronzer Brush
One of the biggest Real Techniques brushes yet, I’m finding this ideal for seamless contouring. By taking some bronzer on this and sweeping in a C shape around the temples and cheekbones, you’ll add noticeable definition to your face without any tell tale lines. You can also achieve a soft, barely there finish by using a light pressure with this given the duo fibre bristles. This in mind, it’s great for dusting a highlighter or finishing powder all over the face.
TOP TIP! Use the retractable sleeve to unveil only the white, finer bristles at the top of the brush head. This will leave a very soft, fluffy head, ideal for buffing out any harsh lines in your make-up.

Retractable Bronzer Brush

Retractable Kabuki Brush
I was really glad to see this slanted brush in the new Real Techniques line up. I love the Blush Brush and use it every day, but I actually use mine for powder (that’s the thing with these brushes, they’re brilliant for multi-use). This fluffy, slanted edge allows for precise blusher application with a soft, naturally flushed finish. It’s quite firm though; if you’d rather, it works really well with mineral foundations.

Retractable Blusher Brush

If, like me, you do your make-up on the go, the lids on these brushes mean that you won’t end up with powder everywhere if you leave them in the bottom of your handbag. They’re light, small, and branded in the usual bright and girly Real Techniques style.

Already got the Real Techniques brushes and wondering whether you really need these? Sorry to break it to you, but you still do.

Real Techniques retractable brushes are now available in store and online from Boots:

(Currently I can only find the Retractable Bronzer Brush online. Be sure to find me on Twitter @MixedGemsBeauty and I’ll let you know when the Retractable Kabuki Brush goes live.)

Over to Sam and Nicola to tell you a little more about them…

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