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Friday, February 21st 2014 2

Glycolic Based Anti-Ageing

Have you got a beauty product in mind that you've heard a lot about but never quite got round to trying? Mine was Alpha-H Liquid Gold.

For 7 days, I used a simple regime from Alpha-H to try a little bit of everything. All of the products worked well for me (their ingredients include plant oils, peptides and acids so it’s easy to see why) but did the Liquid Gold really live up to the hype? Here’s the verdict…

Balancing Cleanser, £30.10 for 500ml
A creamy formula, this is similar to your average moisturiser in texture. When applied to damp skin, the texture retains richness, meaning that you can take your time to work it into the skin and massage the face as you go. Although it feels very light and moves easily around the face, it will remove all make-up and leaves skin feeling fresh. In particular, this works well in the morning when you want something quick and fuss-free to set you up for the day. To ensure a thorough cleanse, I use this twice in my night time regime – once to remove all make-up and again to really get deep into the skin. The added aloe vera is great for the redness in my skin as the formula is gentle and calming. (See below for a video on this from Lisa Eldridge. If it’s good enough for Lisa, you best believe it’s worth investigating.)

Balancing Cleanser Alpha H

Liquid Gold, £37.00 for 200ml supersize
Toners have never been my favourite product; in fact, I’m inclined to skip them altogether most of the time. But this one I can get on board with, namely because I can actually see and feel a difference from using it. Caroline Hirons is one of my favourite skincare professionals, and she brought to my attention the need to use an acidic toner in order to balance the skin. (These will act as exfoliators, removing any dead skin cells, but without the little beaded particles.) I’ve tried a number of them over the past few months but this has given me the quickest results. In comparison to the average toner, it tingles slightly when applied. Using every other day, I’ve noticed that the products I apply after it work twice as well. For an intensive treatment, Alpha H recommend using this alone post-cleanse. In short? I really, really like this and can see myself using it long-term. For me it has worked to reduce the appearance of pores and small pimples, but it can be used to treat lots of conditions such as pigmentation of the skin and sun damage.

Alpha H Liquid Gold

Absolute Eye Complex, £42.40 for a duo
As far as eye serums go, this one does everything that you want it to – absorbs quickly, softens the appearance of the skin and soothes any tiredness. Let’s start with the texture. A clear gel, this really cools the skin on application and sinks in quickly. The formula contains Hyaluronic Acid (which holds up to 1000 x it’s own weight in water), meaning that the skin around your eyes is hydrated – read: plump. If you’re prone to any dryness around the eyes, maybe even noticing that your concealer cakes a little into your fine lines, then this will work well for you. For me it’s working well to reduce puffiness and slight discolouration under the eyes in the morning, but more mature skins will be glad to know it includes a Matrixyl 6 Peptide, good for softening wrinkles.

Absolute Eye Complex

Think you want to try Alpha H? Hold that thought until Monday. On 24th February, QVC Beauty are going to have it on special offer. Just to remind you that they offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, meaning that you can use something for an entire month and if you’re still not happy you can send it back. But after all the things I’ve bought from QVC – from a Clarisonic to a Ciate Advent Calendar and Leighton Denny nail pieces – I’ve never had to do it.

Alpha H is available from QVC Beauty – make sure the Liquid Gold tops your shopping list.

Here’s Lisa Eldridge’s take on the Balancing Cleanser and indeed on all aspects of removing her make-up. I could watch her all day!

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Faith says:

Love liquid gold, Rose! I thnk it’s provably the best overnight product I’ve tried in terms of results.
I use the balancing cleanser when my face is acting up (being red and angry) and it works a treat. Be saving my pennies to buy more of it soon!

Great post my lovely.

Faith xx // @musicneyeliner

rosaleengallagher says:

Thanks Faith! Glad to hear you’ve got on well with all of them as well. Have a fab weekend xxx