Creme de la Mer: The Lifting Contour Serum

Friday, March 21st 2014 0

Their latest innovation

If you've kept up with me for a while you'll know that for the past year or so I've been converted to Creme de la Mer.

Their most recent offering, however, wasn’t quite appropriate for me. Their Lifting Contour Serum is designed to lift and sculpt the face, helping to combat signs of ageing such as sagging skin around the jawline. Rather than wasting it on my skin (I’m 24), I decided to have my mother use it day and night instead. She’s 62 and has great skin after years of taking care of it, so it’s only recently that she’s started to use more targeted ageing treatments. Here’s how she got on…

Before she’d had a chance to try this, mom loved the bottle of this serum. A heavy metal jar, it felt like the ultimate treat on her dresser. Used twice per day, she found different benefits for this each time.

The Lifting Contour Serum


In the evenings, despite being religious with her skincare regime (mostly Elizabeth Arden), she found that this fit into her current regime well and gave her usual products a kick start. At night time it was cooling on application and sat well under her night cream. By day, mom loved using this under make-up because the texture was so light that it didn’t interfere with any of her make-up products. Overall, she’s noticed an improvement in the firmness and tone of her skin on the jawline and neck after eight weeks of use.

Although my mother was the one using this for the most part, I’ve been partial to dabbling in it myself. The thing is, this is very similar to one of my favourite serums – Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair. By comparison, they have lots of similarities. Their scent is similar (and deliciously fresh), the dense gel-like texture is almost identical and they both have that soft peachy tone to them. But on application, Creme de la Mer’s is much lighter, sinking more easily into the skin and giving more coverage for each pump.

It will still work well for you if you’re younger – I can vouch that my skin felt softer, smoother and looked more radiant when I used this. But generally speaking, this is something to consider if you’re looking for a more targeted ageing treatment. Younger skins like me may wish to opt for the Regenerating Serum. It’s closer to a lotion in texture and offers a really nourishing, hydrating comfort when you use it.

Wondering how to get the best out of this serum? Visit the Creme de la Mer website for tips for the perfect facial massage.

Creme de la Mer’s The Lifting Contour Serum is £230 in store or online at

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