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Wednesday, March 26th 2014 0

Repair for inside and out

By my bedside for the past few weeks has been a new duo from Institut Esthederm.

Their new Lift & Repair range comprises three products – a serum, a face cream and an eye cream – each designed to target the signs of ageing and repair any damage to the dermis to delay the onset of wrinkles.

Absolute Tightening Serum, £75
A rich, creamy serum, this gives just enough moisture to massage into the face before absorbing quickly into the skin. I set my dad the task of using this nightly; aged 68, he’s more equipped to test the firming benefits than I am. Infused with Glucan Biopolymer, this is designed to give an instant lift on the surface and in addition penetrate the skin for a deeper repair. Post cleanse, you could definitely see a freshness to the skin once he’d used this, and with continued use he agreed that his skin felt firmer. Despite being designed for use under a moisturiser, he actually found this nourishing enough to use alone. Overall, the long term results were more effective when it came to firming.


Lift & Repair Eye Contour Smoothing Cream, £52
I never thought I’d say it at 24, but already I’m starting to notice that the skin around my eyes sags a little. It’s something I can spot in particular when I do my make-up and the skin drags with my brushes in a way that it never used to. This in mind, I’m paying more attention to the eyes at night. On impact, this is cooling and very soothing. I wear lenses so the rich formula is ideal to massage away any tightness. I’m also starting to suffer more with dark circles under the eyes, and have found this to be very good for helping to brighten the appearance of my skin. A little word of warning if you have sensitive eyes; mine are terribly sensitive and prone to watering, and this does make them water a little. This in mind, I save it for night time but I find that the brightening effects last into the morning. At £52, I’ve noticed as much of a difference with this as I have with much more expensive eye creams.


Lifting and repairing? I think for an instant lift you still can’t beat some clever contouring with bronzer. But with continued use, this works, and well.

Institut Esthederm’s Lift and Repair range is available from

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