Do I spread it on toast or eat it, The Body Shop?

Friday, April 18th 2014 0

Early Harvest Raspberry

When it comes to products that smell good enough to eat, The Body Shop are repeat offenders.

But they’ve taken the biscuit (no pun intended) with their latest exfoliator because it looks just like a pot of raspberry jam!

This gorgeous jam textured scrub is a dark, cool pink in colour, complete with added raspberry seeds for authenticity. In the kitchen you’d be forgiven for teaming it with buttery toast. In the bathroom, however, the jelly is great for giving your skin a cool, hydrating hit as you exfoliate any dead skin. If you want to ensure that your skin is tip top but don’t want to use anything too harsh, this is a gentle way to buff away any dead, dull skin.

For a thorough scrub, I like to use this on dry skin just before a bath. Really work it in, taking time to scrub in circular motions, and then gently massage it away once you’re in the water. That tiny change in application will completely change the impact of the exfoliation. And the scent is sweeter than I can tell you – think of the alarming blue flavour from a slush puppy machine and it smells just the same.

If you’re a beauty enthusiast, chances are you’ll have gone through a number of Body Shop Body Butters over the years. As with all collections, they’ve infused their most popular product with the raspberry scent, and in the gourmand theme of this collection it smells just like a Petits Filous yoghurt.

The real star of the show is the teeny tiny Eau de Toilette. Sweet scents are my thing and this is fresh and light for post-shower or a midday freshen up. It’s a handbag friendly size so just the thing to have to hand or leave by your desk as the weather warms up.

Raspberry EDT

You might want to do what I do and buy the shower gel before you commit to any one scent; at £4.00, they’re cheap, smell gorgeous and always handy to have in the bathroom.

The Body Shop’s Raspberry range is available from this week in store and online at

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