Glowing Bases: the New Kids on the Block

Sunday, April 20th 2014 0

Let's CC what's new...

Though trends may come and go, there's one that just seems to stay at the top of the beauty game - glowing, dewy skin. Here's the low down on the latest illuminators to hit our shelves...

Estee Lauder Double Wear All Day Glow BB Moisture Makeup, £29 for 30ml and in eight shades
This BB is total heaven for me because it merges two things; my love for a full, flawless base and a desire for visibly glowing skin. When I speak to women about BB Creams, the reservation lots seem to have is that the coverage won’t be thick enough. Lauder’s Moisture Makeup variation gives a complete coverage (it is better at concealing than some of my favourite foundations) and yet the hydrating texture of the formula means that there is no dryness or caking. Slightly atypical of BB Creams, this leaves a relatively matte finish so be sure to buff it in especially well. Luckily there are eight shades to choose from.

Double Wear All Day Glow BB Cream

Smashbox BB Eye Cream, £19 for 3.5ml and in five shades
The fine lines I’m starting to find around my eyes do not respond well to concealer; anything that can gather in crevices is only making matters worse. But the light, creamy formulation of this BB Cream manages to cover any dark circles, brighten the eye area and yet look natural and light on the skin. This is quite a sheer formula and so it absorbs into the eye area quickly, leaving no time for excess product to sit in any lines. Use all over the lid, under eye and corner of the eye to colour correct, and pat into the brow bone to highlight the arch of the brow. Smashbox always nail colour and the slightly peachy tone to this is great for counteracting any tired, blue tones.

Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream

Skin Miracle Glow Product, £29.50 for 45ml
If you favour a full coverage but still want to achieve a glowing base, this illuminator is just the ticket. A bronze shimmering cream, you can either use this all over the face underneath your base of choice or mix it into your foundation to add an illuminating glow. The formula itself is a very golden brown, but once it has been buffed out it leaves a sheer golden shimmer. Use all over the face and enjoy the benefits of an SPF 20, or work gently onto cheekbones and brow bones for a more targeted highlight. I love the pearly packaging of this; it’s so American.

Screen Shot 2014-04-20 at 16.52.08

Lola Perfect Skin Illuminating Base, £17 for 30ml 
The thing about BB and CC creams is that often they don’t have as wide a shade range as foundations tend to. For a neutral, one-fits-all illuminating base, something like Lola’s Perfect Skin is ideal. A mineral infused make-up base, this sets with a slightly tacky finish, creating a healthy sheen on the skin. There’s no shimmer or glitter in this so it’s going to be especially flattering on more mature skins.

Lola Illuminating Base

Smashbox Camera CC Cream, £29 for 30ml and in eight shades
For a super fresh base, this Smashbox CC is great. The formula has slightly peachy undertones and is designed to reduce dark circles and uneven skin tone. I love the finish on this because it’s very dewy but quite sheer, giving the illusion of a natural glow. Use alone for a very sheer skin tint or under your make-up for extra coverage. Either way the SPF 30 will do your skin the world of good as the weather heats up, and you’re sure to find a perfect match with a brilliant eight shades to choose from.

Smashbox CC

Darphin CC Cream, £32 for 30ml and in two shades
Darphin is one of my favourite skincare brands, so I knew I was going to love this. A peachy balm, this gives a light to medium coverage and a fresh matte finish. Used alone, you’ll have a natural finish which is good to go when used with a little concealer here and there, or under your make-up it will work to prime and brighten the skin in one. There’s an SPF of 35 and a little goes a very long way so this will probably see you through to autumn at least. My main skin concern is redness, especially around the nose and on the cheeks, and this works a treat to even my skin tone when I use it under make-up.

Darphin CC Cream Image

Bobbi Brown CC Cream, £29 for 30ml and in three shades
Bobbi is always a great choice for helping you to achieve a natural yet groomed make-up look. Designed only for use under make-up, these are made to prepare and colour correct the skin. I’ve been flitting between two; Pale Nude is an illuminating sheer pink, great for my very fair skin, and Warm Nude is my go-to when I’m wearing false tan and need to add some depth to give it a more natural look. The creamy, easy to blend formula of this CC Cream makes it brilliant for mixing with other products. Team this 50/50 with your favourite foundation to create an illuminating base and soften the coverage. With an SPF 35, it’s a simple step that adds a multitude of skincare benefits.

Bobbi Brown CC

With so many illuminating updates for your beauty bag, there’s no excuse for anything less than radiant skin this spring. Still not sure? Try one of my all time favourites – Dior Hydra Life BB Cream, Garnier Oil Free BB Cream or 3Lab BB Cream. All complete and utter game changers.

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