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Friday, April 18th 2014 0

For smoky eye kinda gals

Don't you just hate it when your liquid liner is black in the pot and then a sort of mid-grey on your lid? If I wanted grey, I would buy grey.

Luckily, Urban Decay are on hand with a new set of jet black liners, and each one is a true jet black. For the perfect smoky eye you can’t get any darker than their black eyeshadow, a browse of the most prominent Instagram make-up artists will tell you that. And now, your liner can follow suit.

Here’s a run through of the new additions (there are four in total) and which is best for each type of smoky eye…

You want: a crisp, glossy feline flick
You need: Ink for Eyes, £15.00
Consider this a felt tip for your eyes, but with a super sleek tip that does the work for you and a glossier finish. The long, oval nib of this liner is perfect for creating a sharp, slick line, especially when it comes to the inner corners of the eyes. If you love a very prim liner or you favour the asian inspired feline liner shapes that frame the tear duct, this precise pen is for you. The finish is a high-shine black and works especially well with false eyelashes.

Ink for Eys

You want: a smouldering, smudged liner
You need: All Nighter Eyeliner, £15.00
If you love that boho, hippy chic eyeliner look, this retractable liner is for you. This sets slightly more slowly than the other liners, meaning that you’ve got a bit of time to blend before you’re set. Use this chalky finish to create smudges around the lash lines, and then retract the nib to add your neater, framing touches at the end. This one will work really well for girls who don’t like their liner to look too done but still want the intense black finish.

All Nighter Eyeliner

You want: a classic pencil
You need: 24/7 Velvet Glide-On Eye Pencil, £15.00
I’m obsessed with this pencil because it’s essentially gel liner in a stick. Giving all of the benefits of a pencil (such as the ability to sharpen it, ease of tackling the waterline), the creamy texture applies like a gel and leaves the velvety finish of a pencil. You can blend this out if you’re quick, but be warned that when it sets it is not going anywhere.

Urban Decay 24 7 Black Velvet

You want: a gel liner, the all rounder for slick lines or a smudged smoky base
You need: Super-Saturated Ultra Intense Waterproof Cream Eyeliner, £16.00
If you’re reading this and thinking, “why do I need four? Surely I just need one?” then this liner is your one. Gel is just great for everything; you can use it as a liquid liner, it works well in the tight line (when you want liner on just the upper water line of your eyes) and for a quick and easy smoky eye you can buff it onto and out from the lid of the eye.

Urban Decay Cream Eyeliner

Alongside these liners Urban Decay have released a Perversion Angled Brush, £12.00, for use with the gel liner in particular. It’s a great brush but the width of the slant is fairly thick and so, for me, this isn’t going to work for liner. Brows on the other hand? It’s perfection. Use with the gel in your Brow Box for a fresh, groomed brow.


They’re all brilliant, but if I had to choose I’d go for Ink for Eyes for that crisp inner corner line and the Cream Eyeliner for the versatility factor.

Jet black smoky eye lovers, or girls that love a really prominent liner, these are the only liners you’re going to need from now on. Don’t believe me? Go to your nearest counter one morning and apply a little, then marvel in the fact that it hasn’t budged by night time.

Urban Decay is available at with free delivery or at all good department stores.

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