Spring Scents: Three of the Finest

Saturday, May 24th 2014 0

From Creed to Atelier Cologne

From season to season, one of the most exciting beauty updates I make is in my choice of perfume. Today, I'm sharing three of my favourite spring scents, from a woody floral concoction to a fruity burst of orange.

I had started to ease myself into spring with Creed’s Love in White. This is one of the more unusual scents I’ve tried recommended by a lovely friend, Jini. If there’s one thing you can rely on Jini for it’s beauty without the bull, so when she said it was one of her personal favourites I knew it would be a winner.

Love in White boasts floral notes from flowers that are among the first to bloom in spring. What is so unusual about this blend, though, is that it is quite woody at the base and yet zesty at the top. For me, it’s the perfect transition between your heady winter scent and the fresher notes we all seem to gravitate toward once the spring hits. Merging notes like orange zest, magnolia and sandalwood, this will appeal to a wide variety of fragrance lovers.

Love in White

Now that the sun is shining on most mornings and the weather is starting to warm up, I’m favouring two fragrances from Atelier Cologne and can’t choose between the two. What works so well about Atelier Cologne in for spring is that they contain of a high concentrate of essential oils, meaning that the scent will last longer and even amplify when your skin starts to warm up.

The cleaner of the two is Cedrat Enivrant, one of the most uplifting, zesty scents I’ve come across. For me the prominent notes are the lime and bergamot at the top, some mint at the heart and vetiver at the base. If fresh and clean is your thing, this is an absolute dream.

Cedrat Enivrant

(How beautiful is their imagery? Atelier Cologne really aim to create a lifestyle behind each fragrance. You must visit the website and read the quote descriptions for each cologne; they’re poetic and lovely.)

Cedrat Enivrant Visual

A sweeter alternative is Orange Sanguine, which pretty much does what it says on the tin and hits you with a neat dose of several oranges. Merging blood orange, bitter orange and red mandarin with a sweet touch of jasmine, I think that this scent is a true example of how sometimes simple is best.

Orange Sanguine Bottle

You know what you’re getting, it does what it says it will and it is simply one of the most universally flattering fragrances you could wish to find. That said, it turns head after head because it still has the wow factor that niche colognes tend to have.

Orange Sanguine Visual

Which scents are in your fragrance wardrobe for the spring? Tweet me @MixedGemsBeauty and let me know – I’d love to hear about them.

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