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Sunday, June 8th 2014 0

Carry a piece of style and refinement wherever you go

The launch of Modern Muse last year was a night I'll never forget. We took to Kensington Palace for the big unveil and it was one of the best nights ever.

As always with Estee Lauder, the fragrance lived up to the hype and I absolutely loved it (you can see my original thoughts here). I flit between many fragrances so it is rare for me to run out of any one, but I’m already on my second bottle because I wore it faithfully through last autumn and winter.

Modern Muse Bow

What really stands out to me about Modern Muse is that it is a dual accord fragrance, scrapping the classic notion of base, middle and top notes. It works beautifully on it’s own or layered with another fragrance, and seems to smell different on each lady that wears it. My friend Mel used to sit next to me when I worked at Illamasqua and could never resist a spritz when I pulled it out of my handbag. The funny thing was, despite applying in equal measure at the same time, it could easily have been two different fragrances for the way it developed on both of us.

The notes:

  • Sparkling Jasmine Accord: Exotic Mandarin, Honeysuckle Nectar, Dewy Petals, Jasmine Sambac, Tuberose Fleur and Fresh Lily
  • Sleek Woods Accord: Madagascar Vanilla, Amber Wood, Musk

All of the Modern Muse bottles and boxes are complete with an elegant navy and gold bow, and this summer they’ve unveiled a limited Bow Edition of the fragrance. Now 20ml comes in at £37 and the normal 30ml comes in at £44, so this really more of a collector’s item than a first choice for someone wanting to invest in a bottle. What it does do is fits perfectly into your handbag and makes for a compact yet cute freshen up.

Modern Muse Shower Gel

To intensify the lasting power of the fragrance, the key is to layer. This week I’ve been showering with Modern Muse Shower Gel, a pearlescent pink gel that gathers a rich foam, and layering Modern Muse Body Lotion onto arms and legs before bed. The Shower Gel does everything you’d want it to – keeps you fresh and clean and dowses you with a powdery hit of fragrance. The Body Lotion is a total treat – enveloped in hearty fragrance but still light, non-sticky and easy to absorb. And if you spritz a burst or two of Modern Muse as you massage it in, you’ll find that you still have a murmur of Muse at the end of even the longest day.

The Modern Muse Bow Edition is available for a very limited time at Estee Lauder counters nationwide. Get yours before she goes!

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