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As voted by customers and beauty experts

The Body Shop are simply one of my favourite brands ever so I was utterly delighted to delve into what they considered their Beauty Gems. Here's the low down on their cult classics, with a few suggestions from yours truly as to what really should have made the list...

Nutriganics Drops of Youth, £22
My dad absolutely loves this – it’s his post-shave cooling serum. This light, easily absorbed formula is very soothing when you first apply it and doesn’t leave a residue. My dad is 69 and this has really helped him to see an improvement in the firmness of his skin, too.

Nutriganics Drops of Youth

Vitamin C Skin Reviver, £14
If you work in the city, a dose of Vitamin C in your skincare regime is going to protect you against environmental aggressors like UV damage and pollution. Use this morning and night to keep the fumes and grime of a busy city at bay.

Vitamin C Serum

Vitamin E Face Mist, £8
This is one of my personal hero products from The Body Shop. You really can’t go wrong with anything from the Vitamin E range, but this mist in the warm weather is a total skin treat. Keep this in the fridge and spray on clean or even made up skin for a refreshing, hydrating boost. I also love to spray this on the back of my neck and shoulders if I’ve had a hot lounge in the garden.

Vitamin E Face Mist

Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Balm, £12
Since the Camomile collection was unveiled last year, I’ve used at least one item from it in my daily regime each night. Each item removes make-up so gently but so efficiently; I no longer feel the need to shell out on expensive and classic alternatives like Lancome or Clarins make-up removers. Now this balm is absolutely gorgeous – perfect for a massage and great at removing everything – but, personally, I think the Camomile Cleansing Oil would have made my Beauty Gems list instead. It is ridiculously sumptuous and easy to use but it leaves a slightly lighter residue and for that reason it takes the crown. Either one of these are brilliant and worth every single penny.

Camomile Cleansing Butter

Tea Tree Oil, £7
Again, this is one of dad’s favourites! I can see why this little pot has made the Beauty Gems list. A tiny bottle, this is easily transported and the smallest drop will work wonders to calm an aggresive spot. I use this on any minor pimples, cuts or grazes and it stays in the medicine cupboard so that the whole family can do the same.

Tea Tree Oil

All-in-One BB Cream, £12
I will never, ever forget the first time I used this. What’s so cool about this BB is that when you first squeeze it out it’s a speckly white cream, filled with little pods of pigment that burst when you blend them in. For this reason colour matching is that bit easier because you can simply stop blending when you’ve achieved the perfect colour match.

All in One BB

Brow and Liner Kit, £10
Small, compact and neat, this is handy to have in your purse for on-the-go touch-ups.

Brow and Liner Ki

Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder, £13
If you’re fair like me, this is simply the best bronzer. Pale skins will be able to use this to create a natural looking contour, and medium to dark skins will be able to use this all over the face. It’s light, silky and very brown – no orange in sight. This would absolutely make my list of Beauty Gems too.

Bronzing Powder

Make-up Brushes, from £6
Once you’ve tried one brush from The Body Shop, you’ll want to buy them all. What I really love about the Body Shop brushes isn’t the fact that they’re softer than most others or that they wash really well, it’s that they’re cruelty free. Be sensible about it and treat yourself to one of the handy sets – that way you’ll save money and have a few classics for use on eyes, lips and face.

Shea Body Scrub, £12
For scrubbing away those fake tan patches without drying or irritating your skin, you won’t get smoother than this. I love it, but when it comes to the Shea range my firm favourite has to be the Body Butter. Rich, creamy and super-nourishing, the scent is neutral enough for any member of the family and is perfect to soothe dry, sunkissed skin.

Shea Body Scrub

All cult classics, but by my book there are a few more Body Shop Beauty Gems that need their mention.

Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet, £12
A cooling, gel texture, this is simply the most hydrating and cooling treatment for morning or evening. As per a tip from Siobhan from the Wirral team, I keep mine in the fridge and apply it cold. Use this before make-up for a glowing complexion or before bed for a refreshing surge of moisture.

Vitamin E Sorbet

Camomile Eye & Lip Make-up Remover, £8
There is nothing that this won’t remove. Use it on the most stubborn waterproof eye make-up and it will come off seamlessly, and wipe it over last night’s stamp from the nightclub to get it off in one fell swoop. An absolute must-have.


Moringa Beautifying Oil, £9
Pour a generous glug into your bath for a heady, relaxing soak. This also works wonders for helping to shift those last patches of fake tan if you exfoliate beforehand. Any of the Beautifying Oils are lovely for use on body, face and hair but use them really sparingly because they’re very, very rich.

Moringa Oil

I’m sure you’ve spotted by now that I’m a huge Body Shop fan so selecting my Beauty Gems was a piece of cake. But what about you? What are your Beauty Gems from the Body Shop? Tweet me @MixedGemsBeauty and tell me with the hashtag #TBSBeautyGems.

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I’d love to try the Honey bronzer, it seems wonderful and the color is lovely :o) Xx

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