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15 Day Perfect Wear Nails

A few weeks ago, Ruthie Atkins from Elegant Touch came to my sister's house to treat us all to a manicure in the comfort of our pyjamas using their new at-home gel manicure innovation, Lux Gel.

Ruthie is just the loveliest lady you could wish to meet, like Kylie Minogue meets Joanna Paige. When she came to see us my sister was just over 8 months pregnant, my cousin had her newborn in tow and my friend Hannah and I were in pyjamas for no other reason than sheer laziness. It was a girls night in at its best and Ruthie didn’t bat an eyelid between breast feeding, wedding talk and everything in between.


Onto our manicures. Ruthie demonstrated the Lux Gel Starter Kit so that we would know exactly what was what by the time we came to do our own. You get everything you need in the one hit: Top & Base Coat, Fast Bond formula, two gel shades (more about those soon), the LED Lamp and some disposables for cleaning up as you go along. She promised a finish to last 15 days but I got three weeks out of mine and my cousin did the same.


What’s surprising about the range is that the whole kit fits into a box around the size of half a shoebox. It’s ridiculously portable. I’ve found myself packing this into my handbag before popping over to my sister’s or balancing it on my laptop while I watch some kind of reality TV in bed. Considering the size of the equipment you see in the salon, it’s handy to think that you can have the same quality at home without needing a lamp the size of your hairdryer.

You’ll get two shades in the kit, and they’re universal, everyday shades. There’s a nude pink, Sweet Dreams, which is ideal for anyone who needs something barely there for work, and a classic red, Material Girl, to go with everything else.


As for getting them off? I’ve found them a little bit easier to remove than classic gels because the formula is ever so slightly thinner but just as glossy and plump. They do have their own Removal Kit but if you forget to buy it or run out you can absolutely make do with whatever is tumbling around the house. Here’s a quick run through of how I tend to remove them…

  • Try to remove them straight after a hot bath or shower. Everything tends to be a bit softer and easier to lift.
  • Buff the surface of the nail to gently remove some of the top coat. This is going to help with the next step…
  • Cut cotton wool pads into quarters and make some tinfoil strips long enough to go around your finger a couple of times.
  • Soak the cotton wool in pure acetone and wrap in the tinfoil for around 10 minutes.
  • When you remove the tinfoil, they’ll be ready to peel away gently. Once removed I’d recommend applying a cuticle oil or overnight nail treatment to combat the drying effect of the acetone. If you don’t have time then don’t worry too much, but do apply some cuticle oil atop your next manicure.

So why do you need one of these when you can just go to the salon? Alongside the accumulated saving in money (I don’t know about you, but my local salons charge around £30 for a set of gels) it’s timing more than anything. On my days off I’d normally rather stay in my pyjamas than have to get up and do anything. If I can do it from the comfort of my home (and, indeed, my quilt), I normally will.


Coming in at just under £70, I’d say this is a really great investment if manicures are your thing. My top tip for making this work? With every step, from base coat to colour, leave a little rim around the edge of your nail. If this doesn’t touch the cuticle then it won’t lift and you’ll get even longer than the promised 15 days from your mani.

Elegant Touch Lux Gel Starter Kit is currently available at ASDA for £69.99.

A HUGE thank you to Ruthie from Elegant Touch for being such a lovely host for our girls night in. We told her to come back anytime and we meant it. If you ever have any questions on anything to do with Elegant Touch or Eylure Lashes, their sister brand, do tweet her @RuthLAtkins and I know she’ll be more than happy to help. A truly lovely lady!

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