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Sunday, August 24th 2014 0

From garden to glowing skin

A few months ago, I had a skincare consultation with Caroline Hirons. Looking at my red-prone skin, she recommended I cut out anything from my regime that was mineral oil based and switch instead to plant based skincare. Here are some of the products that have contributed to clearing up my redness based with plant or fruit based ingredients...

Origins Drink Up Hydrating Mask, £23
I got my first tube of this a couple of years ago and haven’t yet found a better substitute. When it comes to rejuvenating dehydrated, tired skin, this is the ultimate overnight treat. Use this as the last step in your regime and you’ll wake up to plump, glowing skin. I like to get my skincare onto the skin as soon as I come home from work. Get everything on, layer the mask over it, and if any areas seem to absorb it well, keep topping it up until you go to bed. It smells delicious and the texture is rich but light (think runny icing).

Drink Up Intensive

Kiehl’s Calendula Toner for everyday, £34.50
A best seller and with good reason, this is a lovely way to layer some extra moisture into the skin. There’s no alcohol in sight so no drying, harsh effect and your skin will look plumper as you continue to use it.

Kiehl's Calendula Toner

Antipodes Divine Face Oil, £18.99
A few drops of this used alone or mixed in with your night cream will work toward a plump, hydrated skin finish. What I love about this is that it is strong in colour and smells quite potent; this is oil as pure as it can be, and it works from first use.

Divine Face Oil

Clarins Brightening Toner for twice per week, £25
Use this twice per week and you’ll find that all of your other products start to work twice as hard. Brightening Toner acts as a liquid exfoliator, using fruit acids to gently remove any dead skin. Once you’ve prepped your skin with this, all of your subsequent products have the power to absorb and work hard.

Clarins Brightening Toner

Zelens Z Matrix, £85
At the crux of my argument as to why I love using plant based skincare is Zelens. I wrote a piece here on my favourite pieces, but if I had to pick just one item I’d be stocking up on Z Matrix. A thick, hydrating skin gel, this has given me infinitely more hydrated skin and a thicker, softer skin to the touch. A desert island product.


Head to Kiehl’s, in particular, to check their ranges out. They’re always very generous with samples.

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