Sam and Billie Faiers Make-up: Step-by-Step

Sunday, September 28th 2014 1

For the Bullring Autumn Fashion Fix

Yesterday the Birmingham Bullring hosted their annual Autumn Fashion Fix, a huge fashion show hosted by someone special.

You might remember that 2 years ago it was Lydia Bright and I stole all of her beauty secrets here, then last year it was Mollie King with a surprise appearance from the Saturdays. This year it was Essex’s favourite sisters, Sam and Billie Faiers.

To my delight, a chance e-mail to my friend at the Bullring lead to me doing their make-up for the show. I was over the moon because I love the girls and to be honest was just excited to meet them, ha ha! Here’s what we used for a glam, glowing look… Samantha  Sam wanted to go for quite a soft, golden eye and a full coverage glowing base. We started with the eyes, as always, and worked our way to the base.

Sam Faiers 1


First I primed Sam’s lids with Urban Decay Primer Potion in Eden. Lots of you will know the original formula – Sam uses that one too! – but Eden is my favourite because it has a hint of concealer in it so will colour correct too. Next I took Peaches Pigment in Honey (currently sold out!) all over the lid and then buffed a sandy brown from the Smashbox Full Exposure Palette all through the contour of her eye. This is really soft and just helps to bring out your eye shape. To add some depth to the look I took MAC Eyeshadow in Antiqued under Sam’s lower lash line and in the inner corner and contour of her upper eye. Antiqued is one of my all time favourite shadows. It’s a deep shimmer brown with a warm copper through it, so it makes any colour pop. Sam has really piercing green eyes and it really brought them out. We finished the look with some Urban Decay Ink for Eyes eyeliner and a set of Peaches and Cream No.1 eyelashes. Sam’s brows were already done but just to give her a really polished finish we took Illamasqua Brow Cake in Thunder through them (again, a holy grail product).


For Sam’s base there was only one option in my mind – NARS Sheer Glow foundation (her’s was shade Syracuse) on a Real Techniques Expert Face Brush. I was really excited to use this on her because she hadn’t tried it before and she really liked it. Sheer Glow gives a medium to full coverage depending on how much you want to build it up, but however much you put on it looks fresh and glowing on the skin. What’s also great about this is that there is no SPF in there, meaning no bounce back on photos (where your face looks lighter then your body). To conceal around the eyes and nose I used NARS Radiant Concealer in the shade Ginger on a Real Techniques Deluxe Crease brush, the ultimate for buffing in concealer. She’s a big Real Techniques fan like me! Setting her base we used the Urban Decay Ultra Definition Loose Powder in Medium Dark. This is almost translucent but it has a tiny hint of colour to it, meaning that you don’t get that greying look that lots of white translucent powders can give.

To contour we used NARS Laguna bronzer, a lovely deep brown. I used Illamasqua blusher in Excite – a vivid coral – on her cheeks, then topped it off with NARS Blusher in Orgasm. This is 1/3 pink, 1/3 peach and 1/3 gold so it works beautifully atop most blushers to give shimmer and glow. She only wanted a subtle highlighter so I washed a gentle layer of MAC Vanilla pigment over her cheekbones.


Unfortunately my favourite lip liner – Illamasqua’s Medium Pencil in Ascend – has now been discontinued, but if you can find one it is a beautiful rosy/natural colour and this is what I used on Sam. It really defines your lips without looking as though you’re wearing any liner. Her gloss was NARS Lipgloss in Orgasm and again is 1/3 pink, 1/3 peach and 1/3 gold. It is a gorgeous universal, one-size-fits-all and looks beautiful with a tan.


There were lots of similarities between Sam and Billie’s make-up looks, but the main differences were in Billie’s eyes and cheeks. Here’s the low down…

Billie 1


I primed Billie’s eyes with the same Eden primer, but then we gave her a slightly darker eye look by using some warmer colours. I took Peaches Pigment in Wow all over the lid, a peachy gold. After using the sandy shade in the Smashbox Full Exposure palette to define the contour of Billie’s eyes, I took MAC Eyeshadow in Antiqued under the lash line and through the socket of her eye. To really add depth to the inner corner of the eyes, I took MAC Eyeshadow in Embark. This is a matte chocolate brown with a slightly cooler undertone – you’d almost mistake it for purple. As a result, it really makes blue eyes like Billie’s pop. We took Urban Decay Perversion kohl through her waterline on top and bottom, this is the blackest of the black, and then lined her upper lash liner with Ink for Eyes. Billie’s lashes were so long and full, I thought they were extensions! I used Smashbox Full Exposure waterproof mascara on her and then topped it with Peaches and Cream No.2 lashes.


Billie’s base consisted of Sheer Glow in Syracuse, Radiant Creamy Concealer in Ginger and Urban Decay setting powder as above, but we took her blusher a slight bit rosier because her first outfit of the day was a lovely pink two-piece. I used Illamasqua blusher in Hussy, a fresh pink-peach, and again topped this with NARS Blusher in Orgasm to give it a shimmer. Billie, like me, loves a good highlighter, so I illuminated her brow bones and cheeks with lots of MAC Vanilla pigment.

Finishing touches and extras along the way… 

The finishing touch on both of the girls was my new number one product – Supermodel Body by Charlotte Tilbury. This is an illuminator for the whole body and when you use a little down the centre of the arms and legs it gives you a really healthy, illuminated skin finish. Now this did look lovely in the flesh, but where it really showed up was on the photos. I took one look at the Daily Mail write up later that day and the first thing I could spot was the Supermodel Body! A friend from Charlotte’s team told me that Kim Kardashian has been using this a lot lately, too. Have a scroll down her Instagram page and check out her legs. This is what is giving them their glow.

Make-up Station

Along the way, I had a few skincare essentials. I used Garnier Micellar water to tidy up the eyes before moving onto the base. Alessandra Steinherr, Glamour Beauty Director, told me that she uses this to take her make-up off and it has been a firm favourite in my kit ever since. It’s super gentle. To prep the girls’ skin I simply used some Hydraluron from Indeed Labs. This jelly is packed full of Hyaluronic Acid, an ingredient that holds up to 1000x it’s own weight in water. Use this and it will cling to the dry bits in your skin so that your make-up goes on really smoothly. And as for hair? It was all down to my friend Danyl from Umberto Giannini in Birmingham. He is the king of a bouncy, feminine blow dry.

But what was really, really lovely about the day was that the girls taught me some of their favourite beauty tips. Sam showed me Duo’s Latex Free lash glue which I hadn’t seen before. She said that they love it because they both have sensitive eyes and it really works well for them. They both love doing their own make-up and always do so for the show. Billie said that if they didn’t have Minnie’s Boutique she would 100% be working in make-up! All in all it was a lovely morning and a total pleasure to meet them.

Sam and Billie 1

Anything else you want to know about this make-up look? Tweet me @MixedGemsBeauty and I’ll tell you all about it.

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Both looked absolutely amazing Rose! xx