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Saturday, October 11th 2014 1

Part of the new Facets collection

An Illamasqua girl through and through, I look forward to few collection launch days as much as theirs.

Every Illamasqua collection sparks a surge of excitement and feedback from customers; I seem to see it all because I love make-up and follow so many like-minded colour fans on social media.

When I worked there, David Horne would inspect my make-up every day and he knew from a mile away if there was anything that wasn’t Illamasqua. We laughed when I left that I would finally be able to wear all of my other products but actually – almost a year on – my Illamasqua favourites are still everyday pieces that I can’t compromise.

This week, Illamasqua unveiled their Christmas collection which to me is divine. There are two multi-use palettes to choose from, a stunning leather make-up bag, miniature brush set and two new lipstick shades. I couldn’t help but notice that the palettes were a hot topic of discussion online, with Jane for one mentioning that they’d caused quite a debate on why there wasn’t more colour.

First of all, let’s talk neutral palettes. Yes, it’s a neutral palette, and yes there are plenty of those around at the moment. But where this is unique is that it teams all bases – eyes, cheeks, brows, even contouring. What’s more is that all of the shades are miniature versions of best sellers. I can tell you that because I know from experience what the Illamasqua best sellers are.

Illamasqua Multi Facet Aura

I think that the Multi-Facet (either shade) is the perfect palette for anyone who hasn’t tried Illamasqua to start with. Here’s the all-star line up from each palette…

  • Cream Pigment in Hollow: this is a mushroom coloured cream pigment, an innovation from David, and honestly it is one of the single most fascinating beauty products I have ever known. He called it ‘Hollow’ because it is designed to mimic the shade of a natural hollow on the skin like an eye socket or a cheekbone.
  • Eye Brow Cake in Thunder: a rich brown for brows, this powder is different because it is waxy and designed to cling to skin as well as hair. You can really reshape the brows with it as well as enhancing what’s already there.
  • Gleam: a creamy highlighter, this is beautiful for creating an illuminated base. Use alone for a pearly finish or mix into your base to give the illusion of a natural glow. Shades vary in each palette but both Aurora and Mirage will suit all skin tones.
  • Powder Blusher: if you’ve never tried an Illamasqua blush, I’m excited for you. They’re the best ever. Shades vary in each palette but again they’re both universal. Tremble is a lovely fresh pink and Hussy is my favourite Illamasqua blush shade, a pinky peach that suits any lipstick. Whether you’re as fair as me, warm or dark skinned, these are pigmented enough to give you a true-to-colour cheek shade.

Frankly, I think Illamasqua have got quite enough colour in the core collection to skip on unveiling a super-bright this once. I also think that the beauty of Illamasqua and at the core of their values is the fact that everyone should feel included and welcome there. Not everyone feels able to wear the brighter, bolshier shades that they’re famous for. These palettes offer something for everyone, and the braver among us can work these neutrals with an ESP or an Apocalips!

Illamasqua Multi Facet Semblance

Is it neutral? Absolutely. But that doesn’t mean that Illamasqua have lost their edge. Far from it. I think these palettes are going to give new customers the chance to try the heroes in one hit, and die hard fans like me can rest assured that we don’t need to carry each individual item around now.

The Illamasqua Multi-Facet palettes are £45 each (ridiculously great value!), come in a lovely glossy case with a huge mirror and are now available from stores and Race you to it.

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Ting says:

I love that this palette contains Illamasqua’s greatest hits. I can then buy this knowing that every shade and formulation works and will be used. Brilliant.

Ting |