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Monday, November 24th 2014 0

With the new Sleep Plus+ Pillow Spray

If there’s one thing I am always guilty of it’s skipping on sleep.

I love being busy and fit lots into any given week, so when I come home I love to watch TV in bed to unwind. For years I was a terrible sleeper and used to watch TV to drift off, but now it’s turned into the part of my routine that I cherish most – my me time.

Last week, This Works challenged me to get an extra hour of sleep each night and record the benefits, taking the #sleepplus challenge. I LOVE This Works and so I was super keen to get involved. Their Deep Sleep bath oil is a firm favourite in our house, and they have a lovely deep sleep pillow spray for helping you to drift off that I’ve used for a long time (you’ll have had one of these in your goodie bag if you went to the annual Space NK Discovery evening this September). Now, they’ve created the Sleep Plus+ Pillow Spray, a slow release formula for restless sleepers who wake in the night, described as “immediate relief for temporary sleeplessness”. I used this each night to set me off into my slumber as I embarked upon my week of early nights. (Lie ins are a no-go when you work in a beauty hall because it’s early rises all round to fit in smoky eyes, lashes and the rest!)


To begin the #SleepPlus challenge, I took a quick quiz on the This Works website. I was asked to rate myself from 1 – 10 on ten small questions about things like my concentration and self esteem. At the beginning of the trial, I scored 70/100. Here were some of the noticeable points from the week…

Sleep Plus Challenge

Day 1
My first night of the challenge was a Sunday, so instead of staying up to watch Downton Abbey I got straight into bed at 9pm. I was really quite cross to be missing out on my favourite weekly treat! I watched some Netflix instead and went to sleep for 10pm.

Day 2
Contrary to my usual ‘snooze until the cows come home’ wake-up routine, I woke up before my alarm! Already I am in a better mood.

Day 4
Despite having a runny nose, streaming eyes and everything else that should add up to the onset of a horrendous flu, it doesn’t seem to have developed. I think the extra hour of sleep a night has helped to keep any sickness at bay and I’m still going to work as usual.

Day 5
After a few days of doing the challenge, I’ve noticed how much time I used to waste scrolling through my phone in bed. Now that I’m on a tight schedule so that I can still watch some TV before I go to sleep and get my extra hour, I’ve realised that I can fit everything in if I simply put my phone down. I need to take this revelation on board when the challenge has finished.

Day 7
My skin is looking AMAZING! I’ve been in the habit of taking my make-up off the moment that I get in from work and applying all of my skincare straight away. Also, the heating has been cranked up and I needed to use a richer moisturiser. All of the This Works talk this week reminded me of a jar of No Wrinkles Extreme Moisturiser that I got from This Works in my CEW bag earlier this year and I’ve been using this all over my face and neck. My skin looks brighter and plumper, and you can even see more colour in my cheeks in my make-up free photo to mark the end of the challenge.

To end the challenge, I took the Sleep Plus questionnaire again and found a new score of 84/100. There’s no denying that after a week of more sleep my skin looks better, I feel more energetic and I’ve cut a lot of faffing about from my routine. The number one thing I’m taking away from the challenge is that my phone is going out of sight once I get into bed.


I thought drifting off so much earlier was going to be difficult, but the Sleep Plus+ Pillow Spray really, really helped. When I get into bed to watch some TV, I’ve already dowsed the bed and pillows. By the time I’ve watched something for 20-30 minutes, this herbal infusion seems to have worked its magic and I’m struggling to keep eyes open. One night I skipped on the TV altogether and just got into my sprayed bed after a long bath… I slept like the dead.

All of my family and friends at work got on board with this and we all saw such different results. For one friend her patience improved massively during a stressful week at work, whereas another found that she lost more weight than usual that week on her diet. It’s a simple thing to do for a week and who knows the benefits you’ll find? Plus if you visit the This Works website they will send you a free sample of the Sleep Plus+ Pillow Spray to use during the challenge.

Will I definitely stick to an extra hour of sleep every night? I don’t know. But I definitely know that if I have any busy periods at work and need to be focused, together and well, getting my extra hour will be the first thing I do to ensure that it all goes smoothly.

Need a bit of peace and clarity? This challenge is for you. Give it a go and let me know how you get on:


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