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My new obsession

One of the people that I am most grateful to have met during my time working in beauty is David Horne.

David is one of the most captivating people you will ever meet. There is nothing he doesn’t know about make-up, and he is full of back stories behind your favourite brands and products. I met him when I worked at Illamasqua, at which time he was Head of New Product Development and behind every iconic Illamasqua launch you can think of. His make-up credentials are insane, from 20 years at MAC Cosmetics to heading up the runway teams of some of the most prolific fashion designers.

Last year he created his own make-up school, the House of GlamDolls, and products are beginning to follow. For now he has a few key launches, two of which I am completely obsessed with.

False Eye Lashes

I wear false eye lashes almost every day. I love them and I think that they completely finish any make-up look. David’s lash styles are jet black, wispy, and slightly longer than your average false eye lash so they show up wonderfully in photos.

Wispydoll House of Glamdolls

The real stand-out point about them is the band. Despite being fuller in shape, the band is flimsy and pre-curved, meaning that they are so ridiculously easy to apply. Simply line your upper lash line, tilt your head back and drop them into place. It’s that simple. The band is curved to the shape of your eye so it falls gently into place, and because it is so flimsy it won’t pull itself up in the corner or at the ends. Also the glue that comes with them is freakishly strong.

Flutterdoll House of Glamdolls

All styles are wonderful but my favourites have to be the #3 Flutterdoll lash, pictured here, and the #4 Wispydoll lash. They’re £5.00 a pair which is cheaper than most of the styles in Boots and yet they have SUCH lasting power. I can wear them at least 5 times each.

House of Glamdolls False Eye Lashes

GlamBase Wheel, £25.00 and available for lighter or darker skin tones

The GlamBase Wheel is a wheel of cream pigments, essentially taking your foundation from average to flawless. I’ve got the lighter wheel as it is more suited to my skin tone.

GlamBase Wheel

For me, the real standout parts of the wheel are the yellow (I’m very prone to redness), peach for covering blueness under the eyes and the centre illuminator for cheekbones. Whether you use them before or after your foundation they give you a flawless photo finish. As with all concealers, I’ve been using this with the Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush (it’s firm and fluffy) and the finish is soft in texture but full coverage in appearance.

GlamBase Wheel 2

As for nights out, the darker shades are brilliant for contouring. These pigments are no-nonsense; the coverage is full and in just a few soft brush strokes you’ve got the finish and impact that you need. And what I love about David is that he isn’t one of a huge number of beauty brands that ignores darker skin tones. (On close inspection of your nearest beauty hall, you will be surprised at how few brands hold a foundation range that really caters to every skin tone. Illamasqua, MAC Cosmetics and Bobbi Brown are among those that do.)

The thing that makes David unique is that he listens more than he talks. He reads the musings of every beauty journalist, blogger, make-up artist, skin specialist; you name it. For this reason, he doesn’t tick boxes when he makes products and he doesn’t necessarily create complete collections. He simply creates things that people want and need – he sees requirements and he aids them. With David’s products in your make-up bag you know you will look great through every eventuality, from something brightening to disguise your hangover or something soft and girlie to nail a first date.

Start with the #3 Flutterdoll lash and you won’t go back.

House of Glamdolls is available directly from the school by contacting [email protected] –

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