Mom’s Favourites: Spring 2015

Friday, February 13th 2015 0

Beauty for 60 +

For some people, having a 25 year old daughter at home would be an inconvenience. For my family, it's an absolute scream because they are raiding my beauty cupboard 24/7.

My mom is 65 and has always been meticulous with skincare but keeps her make-up very simple. She uses fresh, glowy foundation and powder for a no make-up look that evens out her skin tone. Today I pulled together a list of her current favourite things…

Creme de la Mer Cleansing Oil, £65.00
Never normally one to stray from her favourite Elizabeth Arden Cream Cleanser, she’s been loving this cleanser. I initially got this for myself and although the gentleness is lovely it doesn’t quite remove my ‘go hard or go home’ quantities of make-up. Mom’s everyday look is much softer than mine so it works perfectly for her. Massage straight onto dry skin and then when you wash it away with warm water it melts into a milk texture.
Mom says: “I like this because it is easy and quick to use both morning and night.”

The Cleansing Oil Creme de la Mer

Zelens 3T Complex Essential Anti-Ageing Cream, £95.00
There is never, ever a day when we don’t all use Zelens in my house. We’re obsessed. Currently, mom is on the 3T Complex although we both dip into the Z Recovery Repair Balm quite frequently because it is just the thing to perk up cold and flu skin.
Mom says: “My skin has a flawless finish since I’ve used this, it has helped to clear up my redness.”

3t Complex Zelens

Foreo ISSA Toothbrush, £149
I just got this a week ago. It has certainly taken a bit of getting used to because the silicone brush heads leave your mouth feeling perhaps more polished than brushed, but we’re all hooked now.
Mom says: “It reaches difficult areas like the back of your mouth a bit more easily than a regular toothbrush.”

Foreo Issa Toothbrush

Pixi foundations: Flawless Beauty Fluid or Flawless Beauty Stick, £20.00 each
Like mother like daughter, Pixi is one of my favourite brands and now mom has really got into them too. What we both love about Pixi foundations is that they let your own skin shine through but at the same time they work well to diffuse any redness.
Mom says: “These are great for evening out my skin tone.”

Pixi Flawless Beauty FLuid

By Terry Terrybly Densiliss foundation, £76.00
Without a doubt, mom’s skin has never looked better than when she started using this. At £76 a pop it really isn’t cheap, so she mixes and matches and only uses this a few times a week to make it last.
Mom says: “I apply this with a flat foundation brush. It leaves a really silky finish and is the best foundation I’ve ever used.”

By Terry Terrybly Densiliss

La Prairie Skin Caviar Foundation, £136
Another one from my cabinet, I do love this but the shade is a little paler now that I’m hitting the fake tan and so mom has been enjoying it enough for the two of us. For mom, the lovely thing about this is the light consistency that still offers medium coverage.
Mom says: “The concealer in this is great for around my eyes. Having the 2 in 1 with a holder for the brush is really convenient.” (Mom keeps this right by the front door as she has always believed in doing your make-up in the most natural light possible, and by the front door we have a big window and huge mirror.)

La Prairie Skin Caviar Foundation

Creme de la Mer The Powder, £55.00
Silkier than lots of powders, this is ideal for mom because she wants a fresh skin finish. She doesn’t have many wrinkles (a mixture of good genes, staying out of the sun and constant skin care) and this is light enough that it wouldn’t sit in them if she did. I must say a special thank you to Karen at Creme de la Mer at Selfridges in Birmingham for introducing us to these!
Mom says: “Oh Jesus I didn’t realise it was Creme de la Mer it keeps my make-up in place all day.”

Creme the Powder

You think my mom has it good? Wait until I tell you all of the things my sister has poached from me this spring! Coming soon…

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