Redken CeraFill Retaliate Range

Monday, April 6th 2015 0

For advanced thinning hair

For the last year or two, I'd worked really hard to grow out my hair.

I had regular trims, never cut layers in, and just worked to grow thick, long blonde hair. I absolutely loved it. And then for reasons I’m still not sure of, it just became limp, thin and straggly last autumn. My hairdresser even asked me if I had been unwell or had any changes to my diet because it had gone so limp. So I decided to cut it off and start from scratch.

My friend Mel told me about Cerafill, a range from Redken designed for advanced thinning hair. I used it meticulously for 4 months and I’ve found the results to be brilliant. Here’s how I got on…

Cerafill Retaliate Shampoo, £17.50

The shampoo is very cooling. It kind of tingles as it works, probably down to the ginger and mint in the scent. This is the hair equivalent of having an Airwave chewing gum. Your hair feels really clean after this, it creates a really sudsy foam. What’s also great is that, unlike most shampoo and conditioner sets, the shampoo bottle is much bigger. I use shampoo so much more quickly than conditioner so this has been really helpful for me because the two run out at around the same time, making stocking up that much easier.

Cerafill Retaliate Shampoo

Cerafill Retailiate Conditioner, £19.00

The conditioner, on the other hand, really takes some getting used to. A clear gel-like formula, you need to forget what you are used to achieving with a conditioner and see this as a whole separate treatment. It doesn’t quite smooth through your hair as easily as a normal conditioner, and when you rinse it you can still feel a residue. Personally, I use a tiny bit of a regular conditioner afterwards just so that my hair feels soft post-wash. Otherwise this can tug a little when you try to brush it through.

Cerafill Conditioner

Cerafill Dense FX Hair Diameter Thickening Treatment, £30

When I come out of the shower I usually wrap my hair in a quick dry towel for a while and blow dry it once it’s almost dry. Before wrapping, I applied the serum to my scalp in sections. Every few washes I’d go for the thickening treatment at this stage instead, but normally I stuck to the serum because I found it more convenient to apply.

Cerafill Retaliate Serum

After committed use, I’ve grown lots of fluffy new baby hair which I’m over the moon about. As that grows out my hair will thicken up. After just 8 weeks I found lots of new hair, and by the 4 month mark it had grown to be about an inch or more long. I’ve found that the rest of my hair is growing fairly quickly, too.

If you’re going to use this range, all I would say is that you need to forget any normal expectations that you have about your shampoo and conditioner. We normally want things that smell nice and leave our hair feeling soft/hydrated/whatever your desired finish is. This isn’t going to do that – it smells quite clinical and doesn’t necessarily leave you with soft, bouncy hair – but one thing is for sure, it truly works.

I’m keeping it up until my hair grows out a little more and I am so happy with the results. Hopefully I’ll have longer, thicker hair again in no time.

Redken Cerafill range is available from

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